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Vishimtar the Fallen Strat Discussion

PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 2:51 pm
by Blabberpuss
Eggs spawn like 80%? Not a melee so can't say for certain. Get the raid to beat sh*t out of them with blunts.

75% 4 dervs spawn with low hps and low dps, but if killed respawn alot meaner.

50%,4 corrupt drakeling spawn OT/Kite them

25%, Creeping Doom is cast on random folk(46 second DT). Have them hail a Mournful Spirit and say "Shoulder your burden".
Each time a person is cured by talking to a Mournful spirit you can take Vish down 1 more percent.

kill Blue con dervs and it gives raid 10k hp/mana which if timed correctly makes this not close to as bad as you think.
-Once they start spawning eggs spawn throughout the raid and must be killed quickly -if they hatch you wipe.

-The key phrase for Creeping Doom is "shoulder MY burden". Also if you are a cleric you can hit DA right when your icon is flashing and avoid death. This saves a mournful spirit for someone else as they do despawn after one use and you have to wait for another one. (several usually up at one time)Bestow DA can also be used to save MT and avoid him running around as the spirits spawn and roam along the edge of the platform.

-Each death or LD in this raid causes a skele mob to spawn with decent dps, left unchecked this can easily add up and wipe you.
-The 4 weak dervs that spawn melee for only 20-50 a hit, the biggest annoyance is their huge knockback/stun. Make sure to DMF the raid so you don't get people knocked off the platform. Also these guys are not mezzable and only have about 100 hps so you need to make sure the raid is without DS and pets. Once you kill one it respawns as a nasty derv that can kill in one round, but is mezzable so organize the kill and have an enc ready. I believe some of these nastier dervs also have a chance of spawning from the 75% mark but keep em mezzed and they despawn in a later phase.

-The DoT Vish's Shadow is cast throughout the fight every minute or two and hits for over a k in hp and some trivial amount of mana. Hiding behind the large rock on the platform does not protect you. I believe it can be cured with RC3+ otherwise it lasts about 30 seconds.

-Resists are useless in this fight so save the slot for other buffs.
This was taken from Alla. Not sure if it is old, but we could use the blue con dervs to our advantage. Pull the dervs to a chanty standing in the wings. Get em under control, non dmg stunning. Kill them one at a time to get the meaner version (the blue-con version?). Mez them. Kill them when we need a mana/hp boost.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 3:29 pm
by Brolie
as far as the skellys go most guilds just keep them mezzed the entire fight.

the major thing we need to work on is how to effectively sholder pin

this is not by any means easy but once you have it down its like riding a bike.

for the dervs im told that CE kites them over to a rock and ots them there. (because i am not totaly familiar with the area yet i do not know where said rock is ill talk to friends and investigate further)

the audio trigger text for when creeping doom lands on you is
"you sense approaching doom"

there is also a text for when eggs pop but i need to look that up again. Also wether or not it happens after evey egg pop or just the 1st one i do not know.