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Fortune Teller--Please Read

PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 10:16 am
by Ghargamel
It seems that some of you are not aware of this, so I thought that I'd post on the resist mask.

If you have completed any of the 5 mission arcs for the +50 to all resists clicky mask quest, you can hail the Fortune Teller in Undershore and get a clicky item which gives you +50 to one resist.

Now you may not realize, but if you have completed the 69 or 70 spell arcs, then you have already done 1 or 2 of the 5 mission arcs.

Doing the level 69 and 70 spell arcs get you the poison and disease resist clickies.

In Undershore, the Fortune Teller is at the very very furthest NorthEast corner on the map. Hail him, follow his text to get the quest tasks and then Hail him until he stops giving you the rewards.

I usually use these clickies for buff slot fillers, but the resists are nice and the final reward for doing all of the missions wouldn't even be an upgrade. It's the 50 to all resists that's the goal.

There is a checklist here in the guides section if you wanna keep up with it. It's hard to remember which missions you've done if you don't use the checklist.

Also, these clickies stack with Form of Rejuvenation or Form of Protection clickies and probably Form of "whatever" clickies. However, they only stack if you click the Form of "whatever" clicky first. If you click the resist clickies first it will say that the Form clicky does not stack. If you click the Form clicky first you can then click your resist clickies and they will stack.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 4:04 am
by Zzzapp
Some already have the level 69 & 70 spell missions done, so they are part way.

[ ]The Skull of Den Lord Rakban (+50 saves): an Old Shilskin Fortune Teller: Undershore
[ ]Brovil Palivineg Missions - level 69 spell missions
( ) Fractured Werewolf Incisors
[ ]Jarzarrad the Prophet Missions - level 70 spell missions
( ) Fractured Bone Ridges
[ ]Bellfast Missions 1-4
( ) Fractured Werewolf Jawbone
[ ]Shadowwalker Dustspirit Missions
( ) Fractured Temporal Plate
[ ]Widdlethorp Gemfinder Missions 1-4
( ) Fractured Frontal Plate
[ ]Final Combine
( ) Funeral Shroud of Den Lord Rakban

[ ]69 Spell Missions: Brovil Palivineg: Corathus Creep
[ ]69.1 The Lost Notebook
[ ]69.2 A Cavern Botany
[ ]69.3 The Search for Clues
[ ]69.4 Rescue Cicero!

[ ] 70 Spell Missions : Jarzarrad the Prophet: Undershore
[ ]70.1 Preemptive Strike
[ ]70.2 Praetorian Guard
[ ]70.3 The Fall of Illsalin
[ ]70.4 Flight of the Seeker
[ ]70.5 Into the Shadows

[ ] Bellfast: Corathus Creep
[ ]BF.1 Rescue Fibblebrap (Corathus)
[ ]BF.2 Rescue Fibblebrap (Stoneroot)
[ ]BF.3 Rescue Fibblebrap (Hive)
[ ]BF.4 Rescue Fibblebrap (Korlach)
[ ]BF.5 Rescue Fibblebrap (Corathus)

[ ]Shadowwalker Dustspirit: Stoneroot Falls
[ ]SD.1 Freeing an Elder
[ ]SD.2 Orb of Subversion
[ ]SD.3 A Plea for Help
[ ]SD.4 Trailing Longshadow
[ ]SD.5 Confronting a Traitor

[ ]Widdlethorp Gemfinder: Stoneroot Falls
[ ]WG.1 Search for Coral
[ ]WG.2 Learning the Power
[ ]WG.3 Discover the Secret
[ ]WG.4 Taking Control