Qvic armor quest

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Qvic armor quest

Postby Plumppoopsie » Sun Feb 12, 2006 2:05 pm

So you won a Qvic mold, and now want to get new gear?

Well here is what you will need.

1. a mold
2. 10500 pp
3. a high lvl smith or tailor
4. meldstone

Once you have those 3 things, head to Abysmal sea

1. buy a piece for 10500 from Nalasrine Twinklecoil (loc neg 242 by neg 3 by pos 97 )
- Nalasrine's Enforcing Tanning Solution (leather)
- Nalasrine's Perfected Silk Strengthener (silk)
- Nalasrine's Superior Plate Solvent (plate)
- Nalasrine's Thick Chain Solvent (chain)

2. get smith / tailor to make combine
plate: meldstone + flask of water + smithing hammer in a forge= Muramite Metal Sheet
silk: meldstone + spider silk in a loom = Muramite Silk Thread
chain: meldstone + flastk of water + file in forge = Muramite Chain Link
Leather: meldstone + snake scales in a loom = Muramite Leather Padding

3. go to your class NPC in Abysmal (not on fine, but close to tinkering merchants)
Luvwen Arrya - Bard
Kizash Proudpaw - Beastlord
Harlad Ragesoul - Berserker
Dakkamor Ironspirit - Cleric
Gaelin Valekeeper - Druid
Lelyen Ieamria - Enchanter
Jennu Mennea - Magician
Sakar Pressl - Monk
Nolaen Tav`Inxya - Necromancer
Trimdet Trueheart - Paladin
Nadien Goldbrow - Ranger
Nodnol Oow - Rogue
Rayin Yvain - Shadowknight
Kanleku Grabboz - Shaman
Vadd Rabbok - Warrior
Nunkin Coggrinder - Wizard

4. give NPC your mold drop, will give you a reworked version.

5. put in forge / loom (depending on class) the Muramite verion in step 2 + 10500 pp iitem and combine (no fail) = infused version

6. put in forge / loom (depending on class) the infused + reworked mold = final armour.
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