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Qvic - M'sha

Postby Vendian » Thu Feb 16, 2006 7:19 pm

The easiest source of Gates of Discord Armor comes from Qvic in the form of M'sha. M'sha is short hand for the name of the mobs which there are 3 of.

M'sha are on a 6 hour timer, although they can be off give or take 10 mins.

M'sha are 1 groupable, although the more the easier it gets, it also takes a solid 1 group to well 1 group them.

Ptav M'sha

Mnat M'sha

Dvoin M'sha

Loot can come in many forms, however they always drop three items, the third is always a piece of alt access quest.

Loot 1- mold 1, mold 2, alt access item
Loot 2 - mold 1, mold 1, alt access item
Loot 3 - mold 2, mold 2, alt access item
Loot 4 - mold 1, aug, alt access item
Loot 5 - mold 2, aug, alt access item
Loot 6 - aug, aug, alt access item

*note*Ptav only has 1 type of mold so the combinations differ

Ptav - bracer mold, 90 hp aug
Mnat - glove mold, arm mold, 90 mana aug
Dvoin - boot mold, helm mold, 90 hp aug

Ptav - wanders around the pit in the middle and its typical cycle has it circling the Txevu zone in
Mnat - the building most north of the zone in from the KT stone, second door on the left
Dvoin - east of the zone in, building up the ramp, room at the end
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