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Uqua Raid Guide - Barxt

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2006 10:55 pm
by Vhaelrun
Barxt Event

The final encounter in Uqua is very complicated, and one of the toughest encounters we have faced to date. The following description starts out with a brief, step-by-step list of the stages of the Barxt event, followed by a full description.


1. Attack Guardian of Destruction (3 minute timer starts)
2. Guardian health hits 70 percent - Barxt spawns. Barxt engaged by WS ranger, MA and MA heal team only – rest of raid stays on Guardian.
3. Kill Guardian of Destruction before 3 minute timer expires.
4. 12 ghosts spawn – kite, mezz and kill. Rebuff/rezz while 12th is mezzed.
5. Barxt respawns on death of 12th ghost and 3 minute timer starts again.
-If Barxt was near 45% health when 12th ghost died, kill Barxt.
-If Barxt is at higher health, take Barxt down to 45% health until new 3 minute timer expires, and spawn and kill 12 ghosts again. Barxt comes back alive again, new 3 minute timer starts. Proceed to kill Barxt.
6. Two channelers spawn at 40 percent health of Barxt. Train them away.
7. Kill Barxt
8. Kill Channelers

Full Description:

The first part of the encounter starts out with the Guardian of Destruction.

He is FD in the room when we enter, and the encounter will start when the MA attacks him.

During the entire Barxt event, an unkillable object (Altar of Destruction) casts the following spell on random people:

Withering Destruction
--Decrease HP by 300 per tick
--Decrease HP when cast by 2000
--Decrease Mana by 300 per tick
--Decrease Endurance by 300 per tick
--increase disease counter by 36
Resist: -400 Disease
Recast: 30 seconds
AE range: Single Target

As soon as the Guardian is attacked, a three minute timer starts. When this timer ends, the Guardian will go back to not being "live" (i.e., he cant be cast on and stops attacking and FDs again).

The Guardian hits for about 3600 quad.

As soon as he is pulled by the SA, we’ll try to corner him against the wall. Everyone will assist the SA to burn him down, but don’t use any damage discs yet, save them for later. We’ll have two teams of healers – 1 for the SA on Guardian, and 1 for the MA on Barxt (below). All healers can help on SA until Guardian gets to near 70% health, and then the team for the MA will break off and wait for Barxt.

Note also that it’s difficult for the SA to keep aggro solid on the Guardian, as the Guardian is continually casting the following on whoever he is attacking:

Destructive Crush
--Decrease Hitpoints by 1500
--Stun(1.00 sec)
--Feign Death
Resist: -300 Prismatic
Recast: Instant (its a proc)
AE range: Single Target

SA will need to look out for FD, and we will probably have someone make a hotkey to spam “/stand” for when the FD proc goes off, similar to Vallon Zek.

Once the Guardian gets to 70% health, Vrex Barxt Qurat (Barxt), who starts out non-aggro on the opposite side of the room, comes alive, runs at bard+ speed, and attacks the nearest person. His DPS is better than just about anything we have seen, so we need to keep him occupied while the rest of the raid works to finish off the Guardian within that first 3 minute timer.

When Barxt comes alive, we will have a ranger standing near him, grabbing aggro, and using Weaponshield disc while walking him back to the MA. The heal team for the MA will start their heal rotation on the MA, and we may even have enchanters spam runes on the MA if needed. Once the WS ranger brings Barxt close enough to the MA, MA will AE taunt and grab aggro on Barxt.

While that is happening, the rest of the raid will continue killing the Guardian. After Barxt comes alive though, everyone should burn their damage discs on the Guardian in order to get him killed BEFORE the initial 3 minute timer expires. After the Guardian dies the rest of the raid will switch to Barxt, and all of the healers will help on the MA. We may be able to get him pretty low, depending on our DPS, but we don’t want to take his health below 45 percent before the 3 minute timer expires.

(And if we don’t kill the Guardian by the time the 3 minute timer expires, he will respawn when Barxt does later (instead of just Barxt alone), making it much more difficult for us to beat the encounter.)

After the 3 minute timer expires, Barxt will go immune to spells and stop attacking and twelve ghosts will spawn around the room in place of the disciples who fall over dead. These ghosts are named anchorites of desctruction.

The ghosts are mezable, stunnable, and hit for about 1050 quad. They are very difficult to mez though as they have very high resists. We’ll have the MA, SA and 3A all grab the ghosts nearest to them and start killing them. All rangers, monks and other knights (and possibly bards) will find ghosts and kite them around the room. Even if you are not a kiter, if a ghost aggros you, just kite it around. While we are kiting the non-tanked ghosts, the enchanters and bards will be picking off the mobs by mezzing them. The rest of the raid will assist the MA to burn down the ghosts one by one, until we get to the twelth and last ghost.

We will keep the last ghost mezzed while we rez, rebuff and med to full.

Each ghost that dies kills Barxt by 1% per kill (12% total). Barxt also regenerates some while in immune form.

Now it’s time for Barxt again. Depending on what his health is at when the initial three minute timer expired (and after killing the 12 ghosts), we’ll either finish him off, or plan to do another round of ghosts. If he is near 40-45% when we are about the kill the 12th ghost, we will go all out to kill Barxt when he comes alive. If he is a decent amount higher in health (meaning we probably won’t kill him in the next 3 minute window), we will just take him down when he comes alive to about 42% health – meaning, no dots, and watch pets, since we don’t want to take him below 42% until we are ready to finish him off. RL will make the call while the 12th ghost is mezzed and inform the raid.

When we kill the last ghost, Barxt will come live again, and we’ll again have a Weaponshielded ranger tanking him at first until the heal chain is set, at which time MA will grab aggro. Another three minute timer will start when Barxt comes alive, meaning we have to kill him within three minutes. If we didn’t kill him enough the first time, then we will only take him to 42%, let the timer expire, and do another round of ghosts.

When we go for the final kill on Barxt (either after the first round of ghosts dies, or after we have done Barxt again and finished off a second round of ghosts), two red con channelers will spawn when Barxt gets down to 40% health. The channelers are hooded and spawn at the east and west altars in Barxt's room. Each channeler is a mini enraged and furious Twin (like the Twins we fight earlier in Uqua). Each channeler does little or no direct melee damage, it is all AE. The channeler that spawns on the east side of the room has the AEs of the Furious Twin, the one on the west has the aes of the Enraged Twin.

We will have an SK/offtank train the two channelers to the opposite side of the room from which we are tanking Barxt, and have a healer dedicated to the SK/offtank to keep him alive while the rest of the raid kills Barxt.

Once Barxt dies, the raid kill the two channelers and then rez up.

Upon Barxt’s death, Specter of Barxt spawns at the altar in the center of the room. Hail for flag. (Note that if we don’t kill Guardian, and only kill Barxt, it will bug the event and the specter will NOT spawn.)
Hailing him gives you Fragment of the High Temple, used with the drop from Ikkinz 4 to get access to Qvic!

This is what the room looks like when you enter.

A map of the spawn locations for Barxt Script.

A map of where to position mobs for Barxt Script.