OoW Progression Update - MLF Beats Adaptation

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OoW Progression Update - MLF Beats Adaptation

Postby Jorrell » Sat Jul 01, 2006 8:44 am

It was a busy night with two MLF first kills. Not only did we beat Rikkukin for the first time, we beat the MPG Trial of Adaption. Three more to go!

MPG Trial of Hate - Completed

MPG Trial of Corruption - Completed

MPG Trial of Adaptation - Completed

MPG Trial of Endurance

MPG Trial of Specialization

MPG Trial of Foresight

Gratz to the following loot winners:

Pherawk - Sapphire Choker of Adaptation
Toglauk - Matchless Silvery Claymore
Fluellen - Wand of Twisted Fate

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