Main Change Policy (Updated January 12, 2011)

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Main Change Policy (Updated January 12, 2011)

Postby Leiph » Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:51 am

Main Change Policy

- Members may not change their designated main character more than once in a one-year period.

- The main you are changing to must be level 90, and have at least 2000 AAs. The class must also be on the "high need" list. These requirements may be adjusted by the officers depending on class need, as well as when new expansions are released.

- If the main you are switching to is not flagged for the content we are raiding, you must bring your current, flagged main on raids in that content (1) if there is no room for additional 85/15 members, or (2) upon the request of the RL or a WC member. If required to bring your current main, you may bid on loots from that raid for your new main (and only your new main), as long as (a) your new main is eligible at that time to bid (see rules below), and (b) the new main can be added to the raid/task/mission during the loot process without much difficulty or delay.

- If your current main has already looted flag/progression pieces for the content we are raiding or for our next progression content, you may not loot flag/progression pieces for such content with your new main until all other mains at the applicable raid have looted their pieces (i.e., you can't flag a second character before other members in the guild have flagged their main).

- During the 4-week period after your main change, you may only bid on DKP items if the item has not been bid on by any main, and is then bid out to initiates (i.e., you would bid alongside initiates). To the extent that someone who had a main change has a change of heart and wants to undo/reverse their main change shortly after making the change, this policy will make it more likely for the officers to approve undoing/reversing such change since no items will have been looted with the new main that might otherwise have gone to another guild member's main.

- To effect a main change, a member should post a request to make the change in the Lightfighter's Lounge that (1) identifies the class, level and AAs of the main they want to change to, (2) includes a link to a current magelo for the main they want to change to, and (3) identifies the flags/progression pieces that the current main and proposed new main have with respect to our current and next progression raid content.

- If the above requirements are satisfied, and the officers approve the request, the main change will be deemed effective when an approval response is posted by an officer in the Lightfighter's Lounge. Requests for exceptions to the above requirements will be considered by the officers on a case-by-case basis.
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