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General Rules

Postby Jorrell » Sun Jul 09, 2006 7:18 pm

(Last updated: 2/2/2011)

These are the rules of our guild. They are designed to create fun and excitement, while providing some form of guidance as to how our guild fits into Norrath. These rules will change from time to time and are subject to amendment. It is your responsibility to know what the rules are. Non-compliance with guild rules will result in a warning and then expulsion.

    * Have fun at all times!
    * Respect and follow guidance from Guild Leader, Officers, Members, and other players of Norrath.
    * Must show Guild Tag at all times. Roleplay mode is acceptable.
    * Members must keep up to date with current events happening in guild.
    * Inappropriate language/sexually suggestive conversation is strongly discouraged in /guild chat due to the mix of adults/young adults in our membership.
    * No begging for Items, Money, Buffs, Resurrections or Power Leveling. Asking once is just fine but be patient and let the other person have fun and enjoy their game also.
    * All races and classes are allowed.
    * All Guild Activities are organized to United States EST (Eastern Standard Time) for uniformity.
    * No character with the MLF tag will participate in a raid with another guild. This will not preclude participating in open pick-up raids that are not sponsored by another guild. Content prior to SoF content is exempt from this policy. As time passes, this will change to reflect the aging of content. Failure to comply with this policy will result in deguilding.
    * Any Member wishing to leave the Guild should PM the Guild Leader or post in the Lightfighter Lounge letting us know the reasons for quitting.
    * Any member found applying to another guild while within MLF will be removed from the guild.
    * If you leave MLF, there are no hard feelings and we wish you luck. However, unless other arrangements have been made, when you de-tag and leave us, all of your toons go with you.
    * Members of MLF may not have other characters in other guilds without the permission of MLF officership.

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