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(last updated: 2/25/04)

    1. Individual must post why they are leaving or they will not be eligible.
    2. No prejudices will be held for leaving for any reason, as long as no trash talking or disrespect occurred.
    3. If you were booted then you are not eligible for reguilding.
    4. All reguilding must be voted on by High Council and only after individual request to be reguilded on application board. Majority wins, ties broken by guild leader. High council then reserves the right to assign the individual a quest to be fulfilled prior to readmittence.
    5. Member will come back as an initiate and must serve 1 month probation before advancing in rank.
    6. If member quits twice they are not eligible for reentry.
    7. If a new member quits before his probation period of 1 month is up then they are not eligible for reentry. Special case instances will be takin into account.

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