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(Last updated: 7/9/06)

Click here for more details on joining, our application as well as current recruiting restrictions.

You may post prior to the minimum level (see above) making us aware of your intention to apply so that we may start watching for you.

The app process is as follows:

    * Make sure your aware of guild policies.
    * Once members are aware of your intentions of wanting to app/join the officers of MLF will decide whether or not you are eligible to become an applicant. If your application is accepted you then receive a guild member tag.
    * One week after receiving the guild tag, the application will be moved to the private voting area. Any comments and/or feedback are welcome at this time, and only in that application thread.
    * At approximately the start of the applicants 4th week, a poll will be opened under the applicant's name. This is to be a blind poll with no comments made. This will be a Yes or No only vote. The comments/feedback thread, however, will remain open during this time. If the applicant has not amassed 70 raid points at the end of their 4th week, the application will be denied.
    * The applicant will require a 70% vote to be tagged with at least 30 members voting.
    * If the applicant is in the 66 to 69.99999% range, the officers will hold a private vote and have the final decision.
    * If the applicant does not make the initial vote, they may only re-apply once if they receive more than 50% yes votes. The initiate period for the re-applicant will be shortened to 2 weeks and a new comments/feedback thread will be opened in their name.
    * Please take a minute to vote on each new member when their initiate period is up. It's important to know what everyone thinks.
    * Comments and feedback are welcome whether negative or positive. And if you have had no contact with them, please just post such under their thread so that we can determine if an extension is needed.
    * Applicants receive full points during initiate status but may not bid on items until full member.
    * During initiate status you may only have one main character in the guild (the one you applied with and the one we will be voting on at the end of the month) and one alt in the guild. Only after an applicant is voted in as a full member can additional alts be brought into guild.
    * Be aware that these rules are subject to revision by the officers and are for the benefit of MLF.

Your application post will be viewed in a private forum for members to read/review/discuss. It is YOUR responsibility as an applicant to contact Jorrell or Leiph in game or to keep an eye on the message board to see if your application has been accepted.

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