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Raid Rules

Postby Jorrell » Sun Jul 09, 2006 7:33 pm

(last updated 2/24/11)

Alts on Raids

1. No alt may attend a raid unless the alt is at least level 90.

2. On progression raids (i.e., mobs or encounters that we have not yet beaten), no alt may attend the raid unless specifically asked to attend by the RL to cover for needed classes.

3. On non-progression raids, the RL may require anyone bringing an alt to instead bring their main if the RL believes it is necessary or advisable to ensure the success of the raid.

Raid Leader
Pretty simple. LEAD. He/She will communicate where and what the Raid party is doing. The RL and the BuRL are the only people who give orders/direction to the raid. NO ONE else is to call out directions, orders, or chastisements of any sort. The RL is tasked with assigning groups, leading the teams to the Raid destination and then communicating what we are doing from there. This may not seem like a lot but if you've ever done this job its enough.

Usually, even though the raid channel may be quiet, the raid leader is swamped with information. If you send a direct tell to the raid leader, it may not always be answered. Please don’t take offense at this; it is very likely the tell was simply lost in spam. It is better to send a tell to the Back Up Raid Leader, who can then decide how critical it is that the RL get the information immediately.

The RL will assign the following before the raid so the GL's(Group Leaders) can communicate to their group members.

1. MA (Main Assist) - this person calls out the targets on the raid channel. This person is also breaks any mezzes. Healers should have a hotkey: /target . Everyone else should have a hotkey: /Assist .

2. SA (Secondary Assist) - this person steps in if the MA dies or goes linkdead, performing the exact same duties as the MA. Healers should have a hotkey: /target Everyone else should have a hotkey: /assist

3. Offtank - this person takes adds that are not being mezzed. The offtank calls targets for groups supporting the offtank. The Offtank can be considered a second MA. Healers should have a hotkey made: /target Everyone else should have a hotkey: /Assist .

3. MH (Main Healer) Or Battle Cleric. In addition to the numerous hotkeys targeting people most likely to take damage, the MH should also have a hotkey: /MLFheal MH is LOW MANA - passing heals to .

4. MC (Main Chanter) Or Battle Chanter. Healers should have a fourth hotkey made: /target . This is because the chanter can take a lot of damage trying to do crowd control.

5. Backup RL. Sending tells to the BuRL will enable the RL to keep their attention on the raid.

6. Rand # (I will continually change this for all raids.) It's a trivial thing but this will show me the overall attention span of the members during the GL briefing.

7. Channels (loot, class, etc) Only Main's and RL use these during the raid. Only RAID LEADER and BURL give directions/orders to the raid members. Mains call targets, call heals, etc, but they do not lead the raid or chastise raid members.

8. Objective: Raid leader communicates where the raid party is going, Objective of the raid etc.

Backup RL
Now this is the person that really earns his/her stripes during a raid. Listed are the following responsibilities of the Backup RL.

1. Shall lead the raid if the RL goes LD or should fall.

2. Communicates with all GL's(Group Leaders) during raid to keep the RL advised of LD's, AFK's etc.

3. Keeps the RL advised of group status.

4. Helps handle the tells a RL gets and lets RL know of the critical ones.

Loot Coordinator:
1. Will set up bidding for all loot and determine the winner based on points bid and points available.

Group Leaders

GL's are responsible for their groups and their groups only. Before each raid they will communicate who is the MA, SA, Offtank, etc and ask that each member create a hot button so all members of the raid party can target the correct mob. He will also communicate the overall strategy and objective to keep all members informed. His/Her job is to communicate the status of his/her party to the Backup RL during the raid or if the RL asks using the Raid Channel. He/She will inform all members NOT to use the Raid Channel unless otherwise asked by the RL. He/She will also advise who the other main players of the raid are such as Backup RL, MH, MC etc and assign a backup GL if he/she should fall or go LD during battle. The GL's will also loot on all their kills or communicate to the Backup RL for no-drop items for Roll. Lastly NO members are to communicate directly to the RL or backup RL during the raids. All communication will go threw him/her. The GL maybe able to answer a question or handle a problem without involving the RL.

This is the overall gist of raids. As we continue to do more and find a need to address stuff for raids this maybe updated.

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