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Postby Leiph » Thu Aug 17, 2006 10:51 pm


- In determining whose epic raid will be conducted when an epic raid is announced, all eligible rollers (see below) will /ran roll their "Epic raid number", which can be found in the far right column of the guild roster by following the "Roster" link at the top of this page. Eligible rollers will be called to roll as follows: First, Active Mains will be asked to roll. ("Active" = appearing on DKP and eligible to claim/roll per our loot eligibility rules.) If no Active Mains roll, then Initiates and Inactive Mains will be asked to roll. The eligilbe roller with the highest roll will then have their raid conducted. A roller may only win (and have conducted) one epic raid per epic night, unless no other eligible roller is rolling for epic raids on subsequent raids that night. The "Epic raid number" represents the product of your lifetime DKP and your most recent 60-day raid attendance percentage. As with normal DKP bidding, even if your liftetime DKP or your 60-day raid percentage has changed since the amount last posted on the Roster, you should always roll the Roster number. We will try to keep the Roster number updated as frequently as possible.

- With respect to the Globes of Discordant Energy, which are items that drop from named mobs in CoA and which everyone will need to complete their 2.0 epic, we will be awarding these to eligible rollers as follows. Active Mains will be called to roll their epic number, with the highest roller winning. If no Active Mains roll, then Initiates and Inactive Mains will be called to roll their epic number, with the highest roller winning. The winner of the Globe will be charged 50 DKP for the Globe.

- If no eligible roller rolls for the Globe, then the Globe will be put up for bid for "alts" per normal DKP rules, with a minimum bid requirement of 50 DKP (provided the alt has completed their signet access). Each member will be able to bid on and win only one Globe per alt, unless no one else is bidding for a Globe.

- While we will be allowing alts to bid on Globes per the above rule, we will not conduct guild epic raids for alts (i.e., alts will not be eligible to roll for epic raids). This will not preclude a member from organizing their own pick-up epic raids for their alt if they desire on non-raid nights.

- With respect to any member that switches mains, that member will be eligible to: (1) roll for 1.5 epic fights on his or her new main, provided that the member did not conduct 1.5 epic fights or obtain their 1.5 epic with the guild for the previous main, and (2) roll for 2.0 epic fights, provided that the member did not conduct 2.0 epic fights with the guild for the previous main. Any member that switches mains and is eligible per this rule to roll on epic fights for the new main will then only be entitled to roll half their epic roll number (normal epic roll number divided by two) on their new main for eligible epic fights and a Globe. It will be the member's responsibility to remember to only roll half the points, as DKP and the epic roll number cannot be manually adjusted to reflect this adjustment. The member's DKP will not, however, be affected or reduced for normal (non-epic) DKP bids/claims.

- In addition, with respect to a member that switches mains, if that member has obtained a 2.0 Globe with the guild via epic roll on any other character, that new main will not be deemed to be an Active Main for purposes of rolling on a 2.0 Globe. That new main will instead be treated like an alt would be on 2.0 Globes, and would be eligible to bid on 2.0 Globes when other alts are eligibile to bid on 2.0 Globes.

- If you are asked by the RL or the WC to bring a needed alt instead of your main on a CoA raid, you can roll as an Active Main for your main (if your main needs a 2.0 Globe), as long as you can get your main to the raid to loot the 2.0 Globe if you have the winning roll.

- On epic nights, the rolls for determining who will have their epic raid conducted will be spread out over the course of the night, instead of determining all of the winners at the beginning of the night (e.g., we will roll before the first raid and then do that winner's raid, then do another roll before the second raid and do that winner's raid, instead of rolling and determining all of the winners at the beginning of the night). This will allow for those who log on later to have a fair shot at participating in epic rolls, and will encourage folks to participate in all of the raids that night to see if they will have a winning roll. If a winning roller elects to pass on their fight, we will move to the next highest roller (assuming we have the right numbers and class mix).

- Due to the complexity of some of the 2.0 raids (some can be done with 2 groups, some require 6+ groups), the WC and RL will always have the right to bypass a winning Epic roll if they determine we don't have the right numbers or class mix that night for that particular raid, in which case (1) they will conduct the epic raid for the next highest roller for which we have the right numbers and class mix, and (2) the winning roller whose raid was bypassed will have first priority at the next epic raid for which we have the right numbers and class mix.

- If the raid fails on an epic raid, we will try to give the winning roller at least a second shot that night. If, however, the WC and RL determine that it's not possible to win the raid that night (due to numbers, class mix, people leaving, difficulty of CR and raid recovery, lateness of the night, etc.), and another try is not attempted that night, the winning roller's roll will not be carried over to the next epic raid night.

- Any member rolling for an epic raid must be ready at that time to conduct their epic raid fight. That means all combines, turn-ins, npc hails and everything else needed for that fight (other than those to be done at the fight) have already been completed, and if the mob/npc is not triggered, you have confirmed that the mob/npc is up. Also, each member should know exactly what needs to be done for their epic fight (where to go, how to trigger, basic strategy for the mob, etc.) and be ready to communicate the information to the WC. The WC will organize and lead the fight, but will not be responsible for researching each of the various epic encounters for each class. Also, please try to be mindful of the force that is needed for your epic fight, and don't roll for an epic raid if your mob can be killed with a group or less.

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