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FYI post on por 70 spells (skylance)

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 12:54 am
by Serappis
A while back I had a hard time getting skylance 3 because it's recomended that you take someone that's done it before. I found this information on the web, and was able to do it with a group of 6 that had never seen it before:

Request mission, go to skylance, head up following familiar blah blah. Put egg on cursor, hit U to place egg.

On egg place, 3 mobs pop and rush group, and a red emote is given for the next step.

Kill mobs, click correct (see list) kill pop, rinse repeat.

These three spawn are put on a spawn timer, unsure of time length (15 mins maybe?, had staggered spawns later in mission for when we killed em, bout 6 clicks in)

On wrong click, one lab attendant and 3 others spawn.

Emote info:
Think stand on crystals on Dao raid.. Consoles are on the inside (facing center) and equipments are on the outside (back towards center)

- The gaze-O-rama should be used to confer the egg with greater sight =
click: WEST console

- Use the trans-injector to infuse the essence of magic into the egg =
click: NORTH console

- A good dose of ethereal goo needs to be applied next =
click: EAST console

- Switch on the hyper-manipulator to align the proteins into their proper sequence =
click: SOUTH console

- From the ether, call out the spirits willing to aid you in this experiment =
click: EAST equipment

- The dispenser has the next critical component =
click: SOUTH equipment

- Distill the magical spirits into their purest form =
click: WEST equipment

- Remove the necrotic portion of the tissue =
click: NORTH equipment

On the 8th correct click named spawns in center alone. (did em all in a row after figuring the console//equipment thing, unsure if they need to be 8 in a row or not)

Rumor is eye of zomm nerfed, I did all clicks myself, just clicked and ran back to group stationed in center, sure I got the attendant but don't need that fd // non aggro thing.

Good luck getting those spells! Hope ya find it useful.