Who's that Erlas clown?

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Who's that Erlas clown?

Postby Erlas » Fri Dec 12, 2008 12:30 pm

I decided to turn my lazy switch off for a few minutes so that I could finally post a 'hi I'm new here' thread.

I like candle lit dinners, long walks on the beach... Crap wrong website, and you guys probably aren't falling for those lines anyway...

I came from DoM (although decidedly late.) My play time the last couple of years has varied greatly, as I'm sure most of the folks from DoM can attest to. Between school and a girlfriend that has no love of my playing EQ, my play time was pinched... hence frequent breaks. Well school is done and I'm out in the real world again... and the not so real world!

I started playing EQ with a couple of Army buddies on the Rathe back just after Velious came out. After one of my breaks due to school I came back just after the server mergers and moved to EMarr to play with one of my Army buddies who was still playing (Letum who is a member of MLF, but hasn't played in some time, though I'm trying to change that.) I found DoM not long after the server move and have stuck with them since. DoM was hands down the best guild I've been in. Though there were still folks there when I came back from my most recent hiatus I decided to follow the majority of the people I've come to consider my EQ family to MLF.

I don't get to raid much (which I hope is not a problem since we run out of spots anyways), due to working nights. My girlfriend has a monopoly on my evening time though I'm currently involved in intense negotiations to get a few more kitchen passes to do some raiding. I've hired Scott Boras to handle these, which means I'll get way more than I deserve.... or I'll fail miserably.

Anyways I'll stop attempting to woo you with my spoon sharp wit and head home for the day. See ya in game!!!

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