10th anniversary questions and answers. Some of em anyways.

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10th anniversary questions and answers. Some of em anyways.

Postby Widdal » Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:35 am

These are some of the questions and there answers. this is link http://www.zam.com/forum.html?forum=1;m ... 4248505394.
ill post em here too

[Mon Mar 16 09:41:55 2009] a crystalline avatar says 'I am a creation of Veeshan. I have come here to test you and see if you and your kind have been attentive to the passage of the last ten years. If you are willing to test your knowledge I have a series of questions for you. You will have only a short time to answer them all. Do you wish to take my [challenge]?'

TASK: Memory In Crystal - Veeshan's Favor
GIVEN BY: "a crystalline avatar" on the neutral side of PoK
OBJECTIVE: To answer five trivia questions correctly within two minutes

REWARDS: Every option has "Fireworks Focus of Veeshan", "Potion of Adventure II", "Celebratory Fireworks Caster", "Cloth Cap" (not kidding, has a focus effect of Veeshan's Swarm), EXP, and platinum (was 315p at 82). The changes between the options (6 in all I believe) were the type of potions you get. I chose the one that gave me a Distilliate of Divine Healing... I believe they scale to level.

POSSIBLE QUESTIONS: (might not be all, but it's a lot of them, I was terrible at this)

Q: In what city will you find Tassel's Tavern?
A: Freeport

Q: Overseer Gakkor Deepscar is the leader of what clan?
A: Kirkoten

Q: Name the bazu that guards the tunnel leading to the Muramite Proving Grounds.
A: Hulcror

Q: What is the name of the book Mayong Mistmoore gave to Emperor Draygun?
A: Shadowspine

Q: Where will you find McQuaids Dark Stout?
A: Halas

Q: On which continent can Deathsteel Ore be found?
A: Kunark

Q: What is the correct spelling of the full name of the efreeti nick-named Lord Bob?
A: Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar

Q: What is the highest known rank title an Akhevan can achieve?
A: Eom

Q: Whom did Resylar and Sestak serve as advisors?
A: Emperor Ganak

Q: What is the name of the city built to house the poisoned leader of the Combine Empire?
A: Katta Castrum

Q: What is the lake below Valdeholm known as?
A: Flateye Lake

Q: What is the name of the ship in the Abysmal Sea?
A: Queen of Thorns (I am not completely sure of this as I went to check afterwards. However, one of the NPCs calls the ship that. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the answer is NOT Thorn of the Tides.)
[Mon Mar 16 10:08:16 2009] Dray Cuves says 'Welcome aboard the Queen of Thorns! We have space upstairs if you need to rest. I also have items for sale if you need supplies.'

Q: What is the name of the king of Shar Vahl?
A: Raja Kerrath

Q: Arturos lost one of his pets. What is that pet's name?
A: Redfang

Q: What is the name of Odeen's father?
A: King Beltron Wulfnor

Q: Where can the Cragbeast Queen be found?
A: Natimbi

Q: What is the name of Saryrn's raven?
A: Sorrowsong

Q: In Veeshan's Peak there is one Ring of Scale dragon that lives in a lava pit surrounded by racnar. Name the dragon.
A: Hoshkar

Q: What does the Drakkin term "Vahsa" mean in the common tongue?
A: hello

Q: There are six dragons leading the forces in the Field of Scale; Trakanon, Phara Dar, Talendor, Jaled'Dar, Gorenaire and one other. Name the dragon.
A: Severilous

Q: On which island in the Buried Sea will you find a volcano?
A: Suncrest Isle

Q: Which god do the guild masters collectively known as the Dismal Rage worship?
A: Innoruuk

This question was given to me before I started my log. I don't know the exact wording, but I recall the general gist of it and its answer.
Q: There are four witches in Blightfire Moors, <names three of them>, who is the fourth?
A: Ursula

There was one more question that I didn't log, so again, this is not exact wording. I got this one wrong (and only received the question once), but have gone to check it out since and have two possible answers.
Q: What is the full name of the guard in the lobby of Felwithe's bank?
A: One of the following guards:
[Mon Mar 16 10:12:00 2009] You have entered Northern Felwithe.
[Mon Mar 16 10:12:40 2009] Guard Evital regards you as an ally -- You could probably win this fight. (to the left as soon as you enter the bank, most likely the correct answer)
[Mon Mar 16 10:12:56 2009] Guard Crucorn regards you as an ally -- You could probably win this fight. (inside next to the bankers)

Q: What is the name of the miners guild in Kaladim?
A: Miners Guild 628 (may just be 628, anyone know exact syntax?)

Q: Where is Anthenaeum Necromantia located?
A: Paineel

Q: What is the name of Meldrath's pet?
A: Sixton

Q: What race was Goru'Kar D'Toldan?
A: Giant

Q: Where is the Sparkling Glass shop?
A: Kelethin

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