2.0 Run

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2.0 Run

Postby Osirisx » Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:50 pm

Hi folks I was just curious if anyone would help me run through Hanvar to get a 2.0 orb for my ranja Nappoleun finally. I know I am always years behind on this stuff but better late than never I guess. As a non raid toon the weapon will actually get some use as the ratio is still pretty kick ass and if I decide to app him to raid well the clicky is a nice DPS booster to help on raids.

Anyways 70+ alts are welcome to come and try for weapons or gear and mains can come to try and get those last few type 8 augs from CoA you might be missing. It will be a nice trip back in time for many to go smash Hanvars face in and his adds again this time I 'm sure with much more ease.

Let me know if and when you can help me please and much appreciated in advance to all those that help!

Nappoleun gimpy non 2.0 epiced ranja after how many years after OoW release? Oh Well.....heheh
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