Grats Time Lords : )

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Grats Time Lords : )

Postby Ladymusik » Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:08 am

Hi all,
My uncle had just finished raiding hard mode tower, and he let me bother dezza for a bit after. I got the news of your recent victory so I wanted to post a big grats to you all. :D

I have been so busy with school I almost forget theres an EQ world out there with good friends I used to spend time with. I just finished up cheerleading for football, thought Id have a nice break from it. I will have JV and varsity basketball starting soon, and I also belong to dance squad so they do varsity basketball halftime at home games. Between that and 4 AP classes and trying my best to keep a 4.0 goal alive I dont have much time left.

Anyway I wanted to wish you all a happy turkey day and I hope to drop in again before then, but if not, Merry Xmas and New Year (or Hanukah or whatever diversities each of you hold dear and celebrate), and I wish everyone and their families the very best this time of year. Most important of all, a big thank you to the soldiers who sacrifice everything to keep our freedoms alive.

/hugs to all

Kate Lynn
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Re: Grats Time Lords : )

Postby Etrudia » Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:00 pm

Sounds like alot on your plate, Kate Lynn. Keep up the hard work, as it will pay off for you in the future. Happy holidays to you as well, and definatly keep in touch! Take care.

-Tim (Etrudia)

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named, once named is dead I call Mana check, monks ignore and keep pulling...'
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