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Happy Independence Day, please take the time to follow Link.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 9:37 am
by Blabberpuss
Independence Day. We eat to much, drink to much, and pass out in a lounge chair, holding a beer in one hand, and a hose dribbling water into a kiddie pool. Parades and Fireworks.

Please pause a moment, just a few short minutes, and remember, what this day means to Americans. Think about the 2 foot wide stripes, and 2 foot diameter stars that were sewn into the 30 x 42 foot flag, that flew above Fort McHenry that fateful day in 1814.

Francis Scott Key had been held captive aboard a British after attempting to gain the release of a friend of his, who had been captured and detained aboard one of their ships. The British Admiral boasted that Key could witness the fall of the Fort at the mouth of the Patapsco, and that the British would take Baltimore.

After a 25 hour bombardment, the British gave up, Key was beside himself, did the Fort survive the awful onslaught. The morning's light came painfully slow, but waving proudly, above Fort McHenry was the Stars and Stripes.