Sup with Vegas

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Sup with Vegas

Postby Dejavue » Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:53 pm

Hey all
Stopping by to say whats up and happy to see MLF is rocking it. Was just curious if any of you were thinking of attending Fan Fair this year? The fellas and I have spoken and decided to take a trip to Vegas and attend the show in August for our first time. So far it will be 6 of us going: Digital many of you know him as Fogg/Cogg, Shinradd, Scorched ( my brother ), Aaam - magician ( cousin ), Jules ( cousin ), and myself ( Grunch/Dejavue ). We have other RL friends that play EQ who might also go with us: Hubble - cleric, Iwannab - necromancer, and Drpop - enchanter ( all from NCM ). Just throwing it out there if any of ya want to meet up and chill. Would be awesome to see responses on here, otherwise here is my email addy . Laters MLF and keep up the awesome job!
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