Just saying hello to the new neighbors :)

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Just saying hello to the new neighbors :)

Postby TommeyNL » Sun May 23, 2010 6:50 pm

Hi all!

I'm Tommey, from the Nameless. I'm 85th Cleric of Valorguard, and looking to get to know new folks. For the record, I'm also somewhat long-winded. :wink:

I hear we have a server merge coming! Hooray! Its been a loooong time coming on our server. Our grouping population is pretty slim over on the Nameless, so I'm putting a foot forward and introducing myself before the merge actually happens in hopes of building a bit of rapport for some outside guild fun when the merge finally happens. I hear its slated for the end of June.

I guess to tell you a bit about me; I've played a chanter, a shaman, a shadow knight, and a cleric as raid mains over the years. I played a bit on and off on my ex's toons before making my own character somewhere around Kunark release. I've been playing since then, taking extended time off here and there, balancing RL with in-game fun. I was a hardcore raider for quite some time, most time spent on my SK, but as all of us find at some point or another there's only so long you can keep up with that hardcore raider schedule and burn out before you just need to give it a rest.

Fast forward a couple of hardcore guilds, officer positions, and following burn outs... I decided to move to Valorguard, who, beside being a great group of people, raid on a part-time schedule killing high end content. When they had a need for clerics, I answered the call, and swapped to main my cleric. We raid on a completely voluntary raid force but usually manage to keep nearly full raid rosters. What this means, is if I feel like taking a break one day to knock out a quest instead of raiding - I'm not yelled at, and nobody looks down on me for taking a break, even when I'm online.
And the people that are there, are there because they WANT to be, and you really don't find that in a lot of other guilds, at least, not in guilds that are raiding current content. We do ok for ourselves overall, 3 nights a week and have tower on farm, and a couple Fippy wins under our belts.

I do off-night hard raids that rotate days (guests are welcome to join the fun when there is room, but I do keep a loot priority in effect to put VG mains before Alts and Guests participating). Some months I hold more than others, but the loot is always "free" (sort of a misnomer, as we don't do DKP either lol) and randomed on, so we have a lot of fun with that. Another VG member usually does Sunday day pick-ups for ag/fc aug minis, and hard raids as well when the force permits. I have an officer tag to plant banners for the off-night fun, but I'm not in an officer position in VG and my life really isn't condusive to taking on that sort of responsibility. I respect our officers that do though, and opt to help the guild in other ways, such as the off night raids.

Anyway, that's my background and where I'm coming from. I'm a pretty easy person to get along with for the most part, and I don't mind pick up groups with skilled folks.

The two characters I play these days are pretty solid toons, even if Vengeur is out of date! lol

Vengeur, the shadow knight and has over 5kaas... He's been maxed in aa expac after expac and as a result has about 1200 of those AAs into expendables. SK is one of the most fun classes in the game, and I enjoyed the raid aspect of kiting adds and crowd control. Before all of this MM non-sense and the LoD task bank and burn, I loved being a part of grind groups, even train groups, and high volumes of experience gain was what kept me interested. Veng has been somewhat neglected though, no longer being a main, he's not received an upgrade since MMM and tanking high end content is still a lil tough for the once oh so powwa tank. Sitting around 35k/5100ish unbuffed, he won't tank all that great past UF T8, but I can still pull with the best of 'em!

Tommey, the cleric and currently my main, sits somewhere around 32k hp/36k mana and has 3315aa. I won't jinx myself and say that I'm a great healer, lol. But I do try and am attentive! Tom is the one with most recent upgrades, and up until the end of last year only had 18k mana. Epic, instant heal, AA hots, heal AA's etc are all there, and I've also have some of the RK III SoD spells, (DL RK III ftw!) Of course, I'm the type of player that opts for the needed gear first, so I have the foci I need to be productive. Still waiting to get all the glowing runes I need for the group heal/cures, but really, for groups its not all that difficult to go without them.

So hey, that's me in a nutshell!

Sorry for the out of nowhere babble of intro, lol, but I do hope to see you guys in game after June. If you ever need a cleric, puller, or make-shift tank feel free to look me up. And VG too for that matter! the rest of VG is just as nice as I and we're mostly all hard-core raiders gone casual and enjoy meeting and grouping with new folks... so don't be shy. :)

Enjoy your evening, and see you all in the LFG window post June!

-Tommey :)
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Re: Just saying hello to the new neighbors :)

Postby Piaresquared » Mon May 24, 2010 12:09 pm

Good to hear it! Unfortunately, hardly anyone uses the LFG window anymore on EMarr, but maybe that will change. See you IG!
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Re: Just saying hello to the new neighbors :)

Postby TommeyNL » Wed May 26, 2010 12:43 am

Yeah, we usually don't have too many that do over on NL either. Course, those that do usually sit there for hours, only looking for 1 or 2 tasks. lol

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing a better population. After last server merge the LFG list really picked up, so I'm hoping to see the same thing this go around, at least, with more than alts. lol

So many people are max exp, and max aa, now the grouping population is really limited to progression type groups - and we all know how easy it is to burn out on that kind of thing.

Anyway, thanks for the reply :)

See you guys soon!

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Re: Just saying hello to the new neighbors :)

Postby Crystilla » Fri May 28, 2010 8:26 pm

Sneaking in here to let folks know we have a channel created (# are low/none as it's brand new but will rise prolly as word spreads).

/join serverwide.namemarr:merge

So if anyone frome ither server wants to start gabbing, getting to know each other, this is one potential way we can do it.
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Re: Just saying hello to the new neighbors :)

Postby sitasha » Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:16 pm

Hola Tommey,
Nice of you to show up on the boards and introduce yourself, I am Sitt, RL of MLF and all around Nice guy. Dont listen to MLF members I am only mean to them because they deserve it!

Hope to see you when the merge happens.
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