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Obsolescence of Adventurers

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:25 pm
by Blooddrive
Obsolescence of Adventurers

“I always get so bummed out when I walk through here. Look! His sign says ‘will adventure for food’. This peace with the lich lord and his minions is starving the poorest of the poor!” Yves said.
“I’m not completely sold on that notion,” Emily said. She walked into the tavern, and Yves fished a silver duncan out of his purse. He dropped it into the beggar’s upturned hat and was given a broad grin from the dirt-covered man. Yves saw rust lining the edges of the man’s breastplate, it probably had not been oiled since the peace had first been established.
“Why don’t you sell your armor?” Yves asked the man. He was holding the door open to the tavern, but he let it close.
“M’lord? Surely you must be joking. If I were to sell my plate and blade, I would never have the opportunity to purchase another set. It’s my adventuring gear, and adventuring is all I know. Thank you for the coin, by the way, m’lord,” the man said. Yves did not notice it at first, but the man was wearing a scabbard that held a scimitar; it had significantly more wear on it.
“Then why don’t you find a new skill? I hear blacksmithing is very profitable,” Yves mimicked the swing of a smith’s hammer with his uncalloused hands.
“Who would take on an apprentice as old as I? Besides, dungeons are my shop, and its spoils are my craft. I know nothing else,” the man broke eye contact with Yves and wiped away some dust that was causing him to tear up.
“How many more are in your situation?” Yves asked.
“I knew of at least six score on the guild roster. I commonly had five or six others in my party at any one time. All of them, I imagine,” the man said.
Yves fished out another five coins out of his purse let and placed them into the man’s hat with a quiet clink.
“Thank you m’lord,” the main said with a trembling voice.
“And what of the king? His family posted bounties for generations, and even had a resident adventuring party. Surely he could be of assistance?” Yves said.
Hot tears began to fall down the man’s cheeks. He fumbled for something under his shirt and pulled out a medallion embossed with the seal of the king. “Left us on our own, m’lord… Left us on our own…”
Yves upturned his purse and let the remains of his pocket change tumble out and scatter about in the man’s hat. “It’s not much, but it’s all I can do right now.”
“It’s more than enough, m’lord. I’ll be sure the others get their fair share,” The man stood up with shaky legs and picked up his hat and sign, revealing a hand missing three fingers and a gash that ran up into his sleeve.
Yves nodded and finally went into the tavern. Water would make a fine midday meal for him.

*stolen from tublr that i follow.* ... dventurers

Re: Obsolescence of Adventurers

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 12:40 am
by Porck
I hope you die lunger!