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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 4:44 am
by Renanna
Hi Chitz,
You were one of the best and we sure miss you.
I will never forget your antics in /gu.

Graz on the anniversery and GL with wherever life leads you.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 5:49 am
by Vamania
Greetings Chitz and congrats to both of you on the one year mark!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 9:42 am
by Dominiculus
Bah!!! You smelly old troll ;P Miss you a lot my friend :D You are one of the players that really made this game a pleasure to play. Good to hear RL is doing well for you and may your happiness continue.. Just remember that EQ is a stress reliever and Stress kills, so listen to the Doctors and come back and play.

Not sure if anyone is playing Chitz, but if you want, I have room for him and I'll gladly give you my info so you can play him from time to time. For your health you understand :D


PS I think I can do that.i

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 11:28 am
by Mackia
Hi Chitz! Miss you so much! Glad that things are going well for you and that you are enjoying married life. My horse is still quite jealous that you chose another, but BD is kind to her once in awhile. Take care of yourself friend, and pop in when you can.
Big Hugs!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 4:32 am
by Holthiniel

We're up in Vancouver visiting Plump and his wife and the NLF stuff came up over dinner. That $#!@ was hilarious.

I also vaguely remember a time when Chitz successfully tanked a few mobs in a high risk LDoN dungeon with mage summoned armor after watching a then EP geared warrior bust out his best impression of Jorrell on every single pull.

Yeah, I left like a tool and you/anybody could probably care less, but you'll always be a legend as far as I'm concerned.

Take care.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2007 6:53 am
by Dominiculus
Holth, I think that one of the reasons MLF peeps get so worked up about someone leaving is they can't believe that they would :D

I think I can speak for a lot of the members that played with you that we would gladly have you back. You, Kitchee and Plump will always be some of my favorite group members ;)


PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 12:41 am
by Mackia
Holth- I agree with Domi! Miss you guys! I have great memories of you, Kitchee and Plump (hugs for the big guy if he ever looks around here!)
Big Hugs to you all!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 2:35 pm
by Kuwe
Great to hear from you Chitz. I miss all the fun and hillarity that I use to get from playing EQ. Like you said, I'll talk about MLF as my family for many years to come.


PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2007 3:10 am
by Quinlana
Better late than never!

Good to hear you're doing well, Chitz! It's been a while since the game has seen my smiling face as well. Hope life keeps going great for you.

(Quinlana - Retired)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2007 8:16 am
by Onefop
Chitz!!! SO? You posted in June and it’s now September. I’m slow what can I say?
Gratz on your anniversary, hope life continues treating you and your wife well.
I think of you every day, keep a constant look-out for trolls at the crosswalk and have taken all the normal safety measures. Property values are up in Rivervale .

All in all life is good now (after the reconstruction) and I’m considering running for Mayor. My major platform is building a major defensive system to keep your kind out of out beautiful city.
Despite that , some odor lingers in the Mayors office we just cant get rid of.
Good to hear from you! Don’t come back however!