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another true story

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 2:07 pm
by Tizgarr
My boss and i are walking with mary (a girl in the work out class i teach on tuesdays and thursdays) a couple days ago...As we are leaving the gym, another girl runs up to us and hands mary a pair of panties...Slightly blushing, mary thanks the girl and mumbles" that would have been the 3rd pair she lost this week. Now im in a delima with my boss standing there...I'm dieing to ask how she loses all of those panties (Yes BD has succeeded in finally corrupting me) but i decide the lawsuit won't be worth it. Luckly my boss was just as intrigued and asked for me ).

Without skipping a beat, mary states that as the beer flows in, it goes straight to her panties and they fall off...My boss and i are laughing so hard we are choking. To make it even better, mary says she is concidering writting her name and phone number in her panties, that way guys will have her phone number and she would get her underware back, "those things are expensive"...

I told her she would get an A in my class whether she showed up or not from now on, an explination like that deserves it )!!!!

I'm concidering giving onefop a case of beer and this girls phone number (i have her number from my class roster so get your minds out of the gutter) but sneek would kill me )...

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