The Troll Agenda

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The Troll Agenda

Postby Sandytoes » Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:30 pm

I have determined that the cause of my ISP trouble is the Troll Agenda. Unable to defeat the Halflings in game the trolls have resorted sabotaging our internet connections. They have infiltrated COMCAST and work to keep us out of the game. HAHA, you will not defeat me trolls. Do you think your pea sized brains can and out wit deviant Halfling cunning? You can cancel service appointments, you can change names to Xfinity. But I have pie and I know how to use it! Once the cable techs visit my house , a few slices of hot pie, and I will have free upgrades! I will return with a lighting speed connections. Your smelly plans will not defeat me!
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