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AC Augs

Postby Blabberpuss » Wed Jun 14, 2006 8:33 am

Armor Class
Wrist Chest Legs
25 - Flameshield Stone Type:7,8 Pyrilen Riftseeker Riftseekers' Sanctum

Ears Fingers Range
25AC/25HP - Shard of the Guardian Type: 7,8 Shadowy Student Dreadspire Keep

Face Neck Shoulders Back Waist
10 - Brilliant Blood Ruby of Prowess Type:ALL 510 Butcherblock

Ear Face Neck Shoulders Back Range Fingers Waist
15AC/70HP - Jagged Fragment of Bloody Steel Type:7,8 Reported: Hero's Challenge (hard) (drop), Stronghold

Head Arms Hands Feet
20 - Ore of Stone Strength Type:7,8 Girplan Shardtender Riftseekers' Sanctum
10 - Petrified Dragon Scale Type:7,8 180 Ebon Crystals
10 - Ancient Dragon Scale Type:7,8 180 Radiant Crystals

Head Arms Hands Feet Wrist
25/25HP - Stonewarden Type:7,8 Reported:Alex Hutchins, Dreadspire Keep
15 - Illsalin Wall Fragment Type:7,8 70.5 (hard) (chest loot)

Head Arms Hands Feet Wrist Chest Legs
45AC/210HP - Last Blood Of The XXX Type:12 Created, Tradeskill information at EQTraders
30AC/180HP - Bazu Seal of XXX Type:12 Created, Tradeskill information at EQTraders
20AC/45HP - Steelward Stone Lore Type: 7,8 Req 60 Reported:An Imprisioned General, Sverag, Stronghold of Rage
14AC/15AVOID/70HP - Diamond Studded Coldain Historical Seal Lore Type:7,8 Reported: Dain MM progression reward, Icewell Keep
10AC/210HP - Discordant Seal of XXX Type:12 Created, Tradeskill information at EQTraders
10AC/60HP - Gem of Scrykin Magus Type:7,8 Lore Reported: Skylance Mission 3 ( Tallongast the Discarded), Skylance

Head Arms Hands Feet Wrist Chest Legs Secondary
35 - Frosty Gem of Enhanced Protection Lore Type:ALL LDoN Raid (EF)
30 - Guardian's Stone of Enhanced Protection Lore Type:8 LDoN Raid (MM)
25 - Yenner's Rock of Enhanced Protection Lore Type:8 LDoN Raid (Guk?)

All but Charm
30AC/30HP - Illsalin Enforcer Medal - Lore Type:7,8 Req 70 Last Migration (hard)
30 - Blessed Shard Lore Type:8, PrimalsA R I Yxtta - Pulpit of Exiles

25 - Crystalline Webbing of Absorbing Lore Type:7,8 Req 70 Lost Gnomes Mission (Hard) (chest loot)
20AC/80HP - Heart of Darkhollow Wilds Lore Type:8 Reported:Antygurus the Spore King instance in CC
20AC/30HP - Rot-Covered Tombstone Shard Type 7 Reported: Braaains Mission, Kithicor
20AC/15HP - Hivegrime Stone of Avoidance Lore Type:7,8 Req 63, Rec 70 Lost Gnomes
20 - Ashen Claystone of Aegis Lore Type:8 Hynid Howler / Enslaved Vrex Zealot/ Subjugated Brawler Kod'Taz - Broken Trial Grounds
20 - Scarred Token of Resistance Lore Type:8 Mastered Destroyer Yxtta - Pulpit of Exiles
20 - Opaque Sapphire of Bulwark Lore Type:8 Pixtt Airstrangler / Hexxt Bonegrinder / Hexxt Spiritpillager / Pixtt Battlestrategist / Hexxt Markmaker Kod'Taz - Broken Trial Grounds
20 - Ground Murkglider Eyes Lore Type:7,8 Blind Hunter Rekamu Muramite Proving Grounds
20 - Shiliskin Legion Battle Standard Type:7,8 Last Migration (hard) (chest loot)
20 - Illsalin Enforcer Symbol Lore Type:7,8 Last of the Legion (chest loot) Ruins of Illsalin
20 - Flawless Scaled Jewel Lore Type:7 Reported: Tulok MM, Emerald Jungle

18AC/200HP - Black Gemstone Of Suffering Lore Type:ALL BiC Final Reward
16 - Smooth Black Matter Gemstone Lore Type:ALL BiC 13
15 - Stone of Resilience Lore Type:7 Girplan Taskmaster Wall of Slaughter
15 - Bone Shard of Rigidity Lore Type:7 Pxet Elite Blademaster / Pxet Elite Hammermaster Ferubi
15 - Daunting Opaque Orb Lore Type:7 Pxet Elite Brawler Ferubi

15 - Igneous Stone of Hatred Lore Type:7 Sewers of Dranik (C)
12 - Jagged Black Matter Gemstone Lore Type:ALL BiC 12
12 - Black Matter Gemstone Lore Type:ALL BiC 11
10AC/90HP - Black Orb of Scrykin Lore Type:8 Reported: So'Arro (quest), Arcstone
10 - Forsaken Stone of Ire Lore Type:7 Granitesmash The Ruined City of Dranik
10 - Glyphed Stone of Defense Lore Type:7 Reported:Ice Vein The Ascent
10 - Adventurer's Stone Of Power Lore Type:ALL BiC 10
8 - Stone of the Defensive Arts Lore Type:7 Reported: Stillmoon (Unknown Named Water Goblin)
5AC/90HP/SS2%/DS2% - Shadowed Stone of Hidden Flame Lore Type:8, Mengalor, Sverag, Stronghold of Rage
10AC/50HP - Slipgear's Gem Lore Type:ALL Quest:Explore The Depths
10 - Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem Lore Type:ALL LDON Quests
10 - Adventurer's Stone Lore Type:ALL LDON Quests

4%/90HP Ore of the Nest Lore Type:8 Circle of Drakes
3%/90HP Stone of Planar Protection Lore Type:8 Various Anguish
3%/90HP Royal Jewel of Protection Lore Type:8 Queen Sendaii Raid (Hard)
3% Enchanted Jewel of Shielding Lore Type:8 LDON Miragul's Hard Raid
2%/50HP Emerald of Savage Fury Type:7,8 Lore Reported: Restrained Cereton, Rage
2%/35HP Crystalline Webbing of Deflecting Lore Type:8 69.3 Boss Loot(Unconfirmed)
2% Enchanted Orb of Defense Lore Type:8 Valdoon Kel'Novar (Pallie 1.5)
2% Glyphed Sandstone Lore Type:8 Diabolic Destroyer (Ikki1 Group)
2% Hulcror Pearl Lore Type:8 Hulcror
1%/20HP Hivegrime Stone of Deflecting Lore Type:8 69.3 Normal Reward
1%/15HP Uncut Quartz of Defense Lore Type:8 Various Txevu
1% Tiny Orb of Defense Lore Type:8 Various Inku'ta

15/90 - Rune of Astral Celerity Lore Type:8 CoA
15/90 - Oculus of Yar`Lir Lore Type:8 Yar'Lir the Matriarch
15/90 - Darter Stone Lore Type:8 Matriarch Shyra (Raid)
15 - Crystalline Webbing of Avoidance Lore Type:7,8 Sabotage Mission (chest hard)
10/5AC/110HP - Vertekin's Blessing of Combat Lore Type:8 Vertekin the Soothsayer (Raid), The Elddar Forest
10/35HP - Shiliskin Reef Swimmer Fetish Lore Type:7,8 Deserting the Ranks (hard)
5/1%SH/50HP - Emerald Shard of Relic Lore Type:7,8 Reported: a lost sould, Relic
5/25 - Hivegrime Stone of Swiftness Lore Type:7 8 Sabotage Mission (normal reward)
9 - Last Blood of XXX (See above)
8 - Bazu Seal of XXX (See above)
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