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Helpful Links and Info Thread

Postby Quix » Sun Mar 12, 2006 8:15 pm

Date: 10/22/2008
* = Denotes newly added or updated

Most important links to have:
Samanna's EQ Reference Desk
Rasper's Repository Guides and mission info
Eq Mapfiend Toolbox Maps In game maps to download
Downloadable maps of the last 5 Expansions
Allakhazam All purpose site which includes also incompasses the 3 links below
Illia's EQ Beastry List mobs by zone with comments by players
Lucy Reads game data files, and gives stats on spells and stuff.
13th Floor EQ Item database. Also Augments, WR Bags, and Worn Haste.
EQ Traders Corner for the tradeskill addicts.
SOE Everquest Front Page EQ Players front page with links to News, Network Status, and Forums.

Expansion Links:
* Seeds of Destruction
SoD Spell Vendors, Locations and Cost
Rasper's Repository +Loot Overview by tier, Visible armor, Spells, Collection Quests, Factions, Progression
Mobilis Wordpress Blog for EQ Quests and Raiding
Oceangreen Collection Quest

Secrets of Faydwer:
Rasper's Repository +Loot Overview by tier, Visible armor, Spells, Collection Quests, Factions, Progression
Mobilis Wordpress -Quests, Maps, Spell information
EQ Knowledge Pit -Lore, Raids, Spell information
EQ Wiki -General info, Group Gear, AA's, Spells, Guide, Maps
SoF Faction Spell Guide

The Buried Sea
AllaKhazam's TBS Guide
Samanna's Progression Guide and portal guide
Power Sources
Katta merchant guide
Obsqura the Friendless Lizard Maps
Atlane's Appendix on The Buried Sea Missions
Latan's Katta Castrum Merchant Guide and Maps
Original Portal guide on EQ forums

The Serpents Spine
TSS Overview
TSS Downloadable Maps
AllaKhazam's TSS Guide

Prophecy of Ro
Samanna's PoR Progression Quests Guide
Direct download of PoR Maps
Access to Theater of Blood

Depths of Darkhallow
-Progression Guide
-Progression Checklist

Dragons of Norrath:
Dragons of Norrath Progression Quests
Dragons of Norrath Progression Checklist
- Good Faction Quests guide
- Evil Faction Quests guide
Task guide
DoN Augment Generator

Omens Of War -
Anguish access Signet Quest
Anguish access Signet Quest
OoW Augment Generator

Gates of Discord -
AllaKhazam's GoD Guide
Both older links found through internet archives
Gates of Discord Compilation Volume 1.3.27 Walk-though of this expansion
Tribute System Tribute system explained

Planes of Power -
PoP Seer Flag Tranlations
PoP Progression Chart See where you are in relation to being time flaged.
Ornate and Elemental Armor Get your answers on how to make Ornate and Elemental Armor.

Lost Dungeons of Norrath -
Orginal LDON Merchant Sorting Script
Another LDON Merchant Sorting Script
Adventurer Stone upgrades Chart of character locations to upgrade Adventurer Stone

Legend of Ykesha -
List of Charms

Specific Zone Guides:
Map of KodTaz mininameds
Plane of Earth Map with PH info and item links
Plane of Water Map and guide to getting Sharspine Club
Droga's Named and Locs Guide to farming Droga - Archived Link
Free the Nurga Slaves Guide to freeing the Slaves of Nurga
Old Plane of Mischief website the only Zone to have it's own website

More Maps:
Rendered maps
Misc Maps coutesy of EQDiva
EQ Atlas Older maps with desriptions
* More older maps, PoP and earlier
Samanna's Collection of Connection Maps
EQ World Connection Map Very helpful to see how to get from one point to another

Class Boards:
The Concert Hall
Everquest Cleric and forum
EQ Clerics and forum
The Druids Grove
The Runes
The Magician's Tower Forums
Monkly Business
EQ Necro
New Paladin site joined with Samanna
EQOutrider-Ranger Forums
The Ranger's Glade
Safehouse Forums
Shadowknight's EGN
Samanna's Shaman Board and EQ Reference Guides
The Steel Warrior Forums
Graffe Wizard Compelation

* Ventrillo download
MLF's Vetrillo Access infomation
Magelo - Record your stats and equipment to link to others.
EQInterface -Find a new UI interface that works for you.

Item databases:
EverQuest Raid Loot Database - Searchable raid loot database
Afterlife Item Database Up to GoD era.

Other general links:
Some expansion and progression Checklists
MLF Roster, Guild points, and Flags
Erollis Marr Forums
Casters Realm General news and fast place to see what spells you get and what skill caps are.

Good Discusion Threads and resources:
Samanna's EQ Reference Desk
EQ ReferenceClasses - Races - Deity Info - Gem Chart
Dungeon Keys Dungeon Keys Pre-VP revamp, now outdated
EQ Commands
Run Speed Chart
Slowability Chart through DoN

Mystical Lightfighter News Network a site that had potential
WTF Comics - link for Beldarr
PvP Online - Comic

Thanks to those who have previously submitted links to this thread.
Please let me know what you think, or if any other good links need to be added, or are broken.

* = Denotes newly added or updated

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