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Postby Dominiculus » Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:55 am

This was one persons take on threat. Found in the Guardian section.

Re: How does threat truly work?

I'll tell you how i think of threat. the following isnt number crunching or any of that #### since its obvious when your threat generation is bad or great. this is info from across several MMOs which is why its so generalized.

threat generated is based on (for the sake of example only) 1 point of damage = 1 point of threat. each person adds to their threat through out a fight. the person with the most threat points have the highest threat percentage and thus the mobs attention. most of your threat abilities produce enough threat to maintain but not always keep highest on the list (part of the difficulty of being a DPS class isnt actually being a uber damage dealer but dmg with minimal threat- after all a corpse doesnt fight back). threat abilties add to your threat points as opposed to your dmg adding threat (so you cant take it and give it out equally, as it would be unbalanced), though you still do produce threat via damage. in fact threat via damage can be handy because, unlike 'threat generated' portion of abilities, threat through damage scale via your stats (might+agility).

hopefully this helps, but keep in mind its just explaining the concept not the coding. keep this concept in mind when deciding what abilities get priority. i have very few issues with threat in groups and sometimes (annoyingly) less in raids unless the support/dps are idiots and play stupid. also this is why hunters pull aggro in strength stance (just one reason its dumb out of several), 1k crit =1000 threat plus 15% over time is too much, especially if they average this over time and the game is designed with you only generating 1000 threat via threat abilities

Then found this link
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