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Re: Weekly Gazette

PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:18 am
by Dominiculus
Thazz (zzapp) Shawnee (peasoup), hanie (fabulous) & stanfast (Brachus) welcome to the guild!!

Conrats levlers > 40 Uther & Lavilie, Flok & Domilu, Kifeal. 50's Artimus (moria), Dimbulb (Moria), Finlos, ventasy & pink .. 60's Haidon, sandy, Lodes, & KJ, Arialla

Get a worn symbol for your legendary item finishing vol III book 6 chapter 12 that starts in Gimbolds camp if you have finished vol 3 book 5 in dunland expansion. GAp rowen via Lothlorian to start chap 6.

New people Hazel is the guardian of the kins house where trade skills stuff and your stat food are. Drink stats are there along with scrolls for all kinds of stuff are inside chests. Send me extra things you wish to donate. On occasion i will ask some skilled groups to make stuff for all our mains and alts. As you level send the scrolls food drink etc that you no longer need to me for new toons leveling up :)

Yasdell is the trader where extra class items are stored.

New items in the yard include the swan fountain I would leek a team photo of it sometime. See the seeing pool as well.

The kin house is running new music and some new colors.

One rule in MLF: be polite :)

Wipe yer feet!!

Re: Weekly Gazette

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:49 pm
by Dominiculus
On 05-16-12 we are due for the yearly fees. With 17 members active 45+ level, this amounts to 17 g 940 s + mail costs. Plz help by sending 1 gold if 45 or over level per account. I will cover mail costs with sale of odds and ends no one picks up from chests. Make payments if need be

Congrats on all who leveled 40-60 & are in Moria!

Send Ojai a mail with your e-mail if you want the zip file of songs and instructions on how to play instruments. The band is growing! Get your Lorien band uniform when you can. New songs just sent

Ty all crafters for supplies, your time & money to help others is appreciated. Needs are: 40 & 51 hope tokens and ribs. Cups coffee soon also. You still need friend level in Dunland to get some recipes

Turbines are on sale 59 US bucks gets you 8850 turbines

Come at night to the Kin house to see our spectacular swan fountain

When you level pick up higher rated pots, drink & food. send me your lower ones to recycle to others unless you have alts

Wipe yer Feet!

Re: Weekly Gazette

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2012 12:18 am
by Dominiculus
Congrats levelers Haidon & Dimbulb 75!! Sandy & Lode 65 & 66!! Becka 61!

Ty farmers keep those barley's coming for ven's drinks

Scholars we need more warding 30 & both 50 schools one batch is good. Need those bright lamps if you find them plz

I would like to see if interest in a series of horse races: track & water race in Bree, derby run in Standgard. Put up 10k silver for win place & show

Band is bigger with Dimmy & Kifeal added. 24 songs to be picked soon to put on a show. Send Ojai a mail with e-mail for getting the songs and info how to play. need to pick a time to practice. If you download some songs please share.

New Glitch: if you can't use stable horses see if you ran out of money :)~

A few new cosmetics sent to Lav-Uther house.

Envelope Bree task gets you a 250/68% horse & toast emote until may 9th

Ojai's chest and the kin house have maps to complete a deed for free turbs. Pick them into your bag then put them back.

New standguard items display (map table, shield & horse/rider).


Re: Weekly Gazette

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:33 am
by Dominiculus
Hope tokens 30 and 51 levels.
Vitatily tea & ribs. Please take and burn up the food we have stored to make room for new.

Need lev 40 scrolls of warding and battle & warding for our new Lev. 24 mains.

Congrats on all people advancing thru the zones. :)

Looks like Ladd is on his summer sabbatical hope he returns soon.

Northwin needs pre-task in Limlite done. Let's win that Roots of fanghorn and other events.

Gold token run in Edewith is on the agenda. I would like to make another run for Uther wall trophy in Agamar.

Welcome Sparklez, Michelles & Dymond to the kin.

Hunt with honor and light

Wipe yer Feet!