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Cosmetics and Dyes

PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 5:36 pm
by Dominiculus
first you need V.I.P. or higher to increase the wardrobe slot cap that you open when your at the bank (either open directly or click on the coat hanger on the bank window)

Cap 100 slots

Isenguard exp provides 3 sets of full gear cosmetics + horses.

Any items that are pure cosmetic in name (some towns like Bree have outfitter stores or cosmetics it's from kinship level status venders) or any items you have in your bags whether that toon can wear them or not can be click - held - slid into the wardrobe window (bag --> wardrobe).

once the item is in the wardrobe you can sell it from bag, unless you wear it. Or use storage slot to hold cosmetic items if you not sure you want them atm

to delete item from the wardrobe Highlight it & then use delete button.

CTRL Left click brings up the Dressing room where you can see how the item will look on your toon. You can also change the color of the items.

To dye an item in the wardrobe put dye (scholar made) into a bag slot, right click, hold and slide to the item in the wardrobe (bag/dye --> wardrobe), say yes. cap 10 dyes per item. you can buy a wash to take all dyes off an item.

in dressing room window highlight the item you want to dye use pull down menu to click on all the dyes available. Defualt colors is one of the colors already

If you dont have access to the wardrobe you will be dying clothes as they get replaced so use the dress room before you decide plz to save dyes. Open char window "C" drag dye from bag to that item (visable clothing gear only) right mouse hold slide over the item and let go say yes. Looks like a little cupcake.

Change your item color on a cosmo by opening your wardrobe, highlight item & use the pull down menu below. Only default & the dyes you put on item will be avail

Open char window - top tab right "cometic outfits" shows what you wearing for real and slots to outfit. Select a como item with the dye you want from wardrobe, hold mouse and slide item into that outfit window.

If you dont like it, drag it out of the window. It will ask if ok to drop or just slide another item to replace it or color change

Little eye icon cycle offs that item from view -hobbits bare feet

Re: Cosmetics and Dyes

PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:59 pm
by Dominiculus
Please make rounds to the Chesu, Ojai, and Domi's house to get your cosmetics as we are almost completely full capacity.

I will have to start selectively pulling them to storage soon.

Please be selective of the cosmetics you send to me as we just do not have room for more than the very interesting or seasonal stuff.


Re: Cosmetics and Dyes

PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:07 am
by Dominiculus
Hey noobers peoples,

I was CDB in eq now I'm Comedy the dye lady!!! LoL

If you need any dye don't hesitate to stop by my house in the same zone with Kinhouse 10 Haven way. I only have the one box so easy peasy to find.

Right now I have a ton of dyes:

50 yellow
50 gold
50 ered luin blue
50 orange
50 indigo
49 rust
46 white
43 purple
40 grey
32 sienna
31 ranger green
24 violet
20 umber
19 turquoise
16 rivendell green
16 sea blue
15 evendim blue
11 black
11 forest green
9 burgundy
8 rose
5 red

As you see I went dye crazy feel free to snag any you would like...let me know if you find any dyes I do not have and you want me to make for you IE::: Ven = rose!!

I can also make the pots for healing and mana or scrolls for trade skilling!!!!!!

hugs enjoy and have fun


Re: Cosmetics and Dyes

PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:49 pm
by Dominiculus
I am the keeper of the cosmetics we have gathered this first year. Make an appointment if you want me to display all those items from head to foot so you can fill your cosmetic delights.

Newer cosmetics will be displayed in Ojai's house.

Chesu's and Domi's house chests are now empty for their use ty.

Ojai will hold the over stock of tokens, food and drinks that Venusia's locker cannot hold. This also opens more bag slots to receive items on Hazil.

Backstabs to you with Love,


Re: Cosmetics and Dyes

PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2012 3:08 pm
by Dominiculus
Runekeepers can buy a cheap rune keeper bag 15 level to put and dye inside the wardrobe as usual.

Slide that dyed bag into your cosmetic outfit screen. For rune keepers you will see a ball of string looking empty icon bottom right where that newly dyed bag will fit.

Ty Uther & Lav for the tip