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Scholar 's Corner

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:04 pm
by Dominiculus
Ojai has saved 800 pages on most pages + extra (3 toons and shared bank). Exceptions are early pages & trinkets and Westfold Gondorian & relics/dundain. Please send Ojai a mail when you need some.

Best craft is battle/warding scrolls (10 pts.) which we always need (potions of 70 & 75 level also need)
Make purple potions if you can not the regular colored ones on lower levels as the purple acts like a step higher (ie 30 level acts like a 40).

Pages drop where there are ruins (Saradur/boat dock in Ered, Bounds in Bree, wights in Trolls, near Ost Guroth, Moria areas, Bonevales, & GA events. Backpacks & chests. I can show you my loops to farm pages.

Use pages & recipes then pass to others (Lodestorm, Guz, Fingolas, Domnicula & Luvsong)

If you are NOT Westford acquaintance you will not have battle scroll or single tome of wisdom recipes. Please ask CD or Ojai to make you a stack of wisdom tombs DO not use the Gondorian purple pages to make them as they are 1/20 drop.

Check kin house for recipes also.