Kinship House Upkeep and other info

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Kinship House Upkeep and other info

Postby Dominiculus » Mon Apr 09, 2012 12:53 pm

On 05-16-12 we are due for the yearly fees. With 17 members active 45+ level, this amounts to 17 g 940 s + mail costs. Plz help by sending 1 gold if 45 or over level per account. I will cover mail costs with sale of odds and ends no one picks up from chests. Make payments if need be

Congrats on all who leveled 40-60 & are in Moria!

Send Ojai a mail with your e-mail if you want the zip file of songs and instructions on how to play instruments. The band is growing! Get your Lorien band uniform when you can. New songs just sent

Ty all crafters for supplies, your time & money to help others is appreciated. Needs are: 40 & 51 hope tokens and ribs. Cups coffee soon also. You still need friend level in Dunland to get some recipes

Turbines are on sale 59 US bucks gets you 8850 turbines

Come at night to the Kin house to see our spectacular swan fountain

When you level pick up higher rated pots, drink & food. send me your lower ones to recycle to others unless you have alts

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