A few lvl75+ Rk II Shaman spells wanted

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A few lvl75+ Rk II Shaman spells wanted

Postby Durdaen » Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:41 am

Looking for the following spells for my shaman, willing to play for them (just let me know how much):

Wild Growth RkII
Spirit of the Resolute RkII
Breath of Queen Malarian RkII
Malosenea RkII
Aina's Faithful RkII
Chant of the Burynai RkII

Edit: I'm adding a few lvl75-80 spells I haven't been able to find also.

Langour RkI
Rolist Drowse RkI
Ancestral Intervention RkI
Bite of the Brownie RkI
Preincarnation RkI
Ward of Resurgence RkI
Chant of the Darkvine RkII
Talisman of the Stalwart RkII
Tundra Crumble RkII
Blood of Kerafym RkII
Shade of Renewal RkII
Thorn Wilting RkII

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Re: A few lvl80+ Rk II Shaman spells wanted

Postby Etrudia » Wed Dec 02, 2009 11:46 am

I've got a ton of spells on an alt, I'll check tonight and see if I have any.


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