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Postby nahar » Wed Mar 01, 2006 3:52 am

Looked at the member roster to check my raid points only to find ive been moved to the inactive / alt list !!!!!! Am i getting kicked out ??/grin Also still no access.

booted my my son

Postby nahar » Thu Mar 02, 2006 12:56 pm

Logged in yesterday only to find , to my suprise NO Nahar!!!!!! Seems that my 3yr old son deleted him :shock: :x !!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Nahar is back and looking for a guild :D

Postby Jorrell » Thu Mar 02, 2006 2:23 pm

The question is...what did you do to your son? :wink:

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what i did to my son

Postby Nahar » Fri Mar 03, 2006 4:16 am

He is now currently employed by SoE , as a CSR (judgeing by how long it took them to reply to my /pettiton :roll: )...... I know , i know , very harsh punishment , but .... :twisted:

Actually anyone wanna buy a three yr old boy ?? selling cheap , will deliver :twisted:

Postby Zenedia » Fri Mar 03, 2006 11:31 am

Is he in good condition? I hear it's toddler season on the Japanese black market :twisted:
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Postby Ulinki » Fri Mar 03, 2006 12:15 pm

Does the dad come with the package? :twisted:
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Postby Ellemenopee » Fri Mar 03, 2006 1:23 pm

Bwa ha ha--Ulinki! That's my girl... :D

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