Prophecy of Ro - Spell Quest #1

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Prophecy of Ro - Spell Quest #1

Postby Vendian » Thu Mar 02, 2006 2:02 pm

Mini Guide to PoR Spell #1

This task pops up with you looting a skin from red-con mobs in Devastation, named in Sverag or any mob in Ragethorn. As soon as you loot the skin a task will pop up in your screen (Saga Skins) - you get it automatically. There is no npc to request this task from.

This will grant you a single task -NOT a group one- to collect skin samples from different model mobs from Plane of Rage. You need to collect a total of NINE skins. You can do your farming either in Devastation or Sverag... as long as you do red-con Named (in Sverag) or red-con Captains/leaders (In devastation), these are what drop the skins. They also drop from just about everything in Razorthorn if you have access.

I. Where to get skins from?

The Devastation

In Devastationlook for red cons called "an elite", "an elite soldier", "a centurian", "a dark initiate". etc. Watch the camps and troops in Devastation as they wipe out other camps, they will spawn new races. Sometimes these red-con will pop up. They spawn at a higher rate close to the Stronghold and around it. They can be soloed, the tedious part is getting them alone. Stay out of range and cast Nature's Serenity on his friends and then pull him from a distance as quickly as you can. Pull them to the Stronghold walls so you don't get adds. They sometimes break root often so keep on alert, and also watch for trains - don't stick particularly close to the Stronghold door (because of trains), though the side camps are fine for soloing.

Sverag, Stronghold of Rage

In Sverag (the stronghold)look for easy named such as "The Subjugator". The best camp area is near the instance door. If you can get a group around that area they can pull "the subjugator" as well as a white con that spawns right beside the door. Both of these drop skins. Even if they aren't the race you need, they mostly drop Bolvirk skins but can also drop others that aren't of their particular race.


Like I mentioned earlier, if you have a group with access to these instances, you can hunt here for the skins. The skins have a 80% chance of dropping of trash here. NOTE: The task will not pop up here if you do not have any skin, you can only get the task from looting skins in Devastation or Sverag.

II. Complete List of Skins

The complete list of skins you need is as follows:

1) Bolvirk - Scarred Bolvirk Skin
2) Undead - Mummified Pigmented Skin
3) Kobold - Patch of Dyed Kobold Fur
4) Orc - Torn and Tattooed Orc Flesh
5) Evil Eye - Inked Evil Eye Hide
6) Wurines - Decorated Wurine Hide
7) Drachnid - Etched Drachnid Carapace
8) Shilliskin - Tattooed Shiliskin Skin
9) Berserkers/Vah Shir - Scarred and Tattooed Skin

III. Who to give the skins to

After you got all the skins, take them to Grand Librarian Maelin in the top of the library in Plane of Knowledge.

He will give you pages for each skin sample you give him. Combine the total 9 skins in a Book Binding and you should get a book. Turn in this book for your spell. You need an open top inventory slot for the Book Binding, you can get it on East Freeport, Corathus, and most home cities. Here's a list with buying locations

He then tells you,
Grand Librarian Maelin says 'Well, these are very interesting! I've learned a lot from the things you have brought me, so I wanted you to have this.'

You get <Spell>.
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