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Postby Fluellen » Fri Nov 03, 2006 2:51 pm

We are just being Optomistic.... we have had plenty of people tell us we can't do something only to go in there and do it. MLF is made up of people who believe we can do anything and when people tell us we cant we just try more. To me its fun to go try new thing so what if i die or it takes up a whole 30 min for us to just have to rebuff... As an Enchanter i live to buff. and it does not bother me in the least that i have to rebuff a raid after we wipe from learning a new mob. It took us forever to get RZ and now this may take us a while but you never know unless you try.

And thats what makes MLF so great. We aren't afraid of a few deaths as long as it gets us closer to our goal.

just my 2cp :)
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Postby Leiph » Fri Nov 03, 2006 2:54 pm

I guess maybe you understimate our members then Speak. I have not heard that anyone expects us to win. Nor have I heard guarantees of victory by the WC, or even a pointing of the bat or trash talking in OMM's direction.

I think our members know that this is a difficult encounter, and many also know that only three guilds on the server had beaten it pre-TSS (although that has changed since TSS, both on this server and a number of other servers).

I also wasn't aware that we needed to go into encounters with big, flashing banners and neon lights saying the sky is falling, or it's likely we won't beat this encounter. We won't know where we stand until we try. If it is obvious that we are not ready for this encounter, we are not that obtuse that we will keep banging our head against a wall simply because it is there. One failed pull though does not make it obvious. Let's give it an earnest few tries, see where we stand, and then assess whether it makes sense to keep trying, or to revise the strat, or whether we simply are too far away to get any benefit by repeatedly trying it at this time.

Most don't play the game to be assured of a win on every mob we attempt, and won't be utterly disappointed and devastated if we can't beat an encounter right away, or even after a number of attempts. But I think many would be disappointed if we didn't even try to see where we measure up, and how close (or not close) we are. Especially given that all of the information and horror stories that you are reyling on (including your firsthand experiences) were pre-TSS.
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Postby xileksis » Fri Nov 03, 2006 3:59 pm

let me say this..

lack of gear hmm

magister beat oom before tss came out and added 5 lvls and the resists and hp that with that.

reviction did the same.

we have 4 tanks that are at or very near 20k hp and over 3k ac.

we have 2 knights that i know for a fact can atain 18k hp and 3200 ac in a raid most can get 16k or better
and most if not all of our casters have a 10K plus mana pool

we are very capable of beating COA if every one pays attention .
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Postby Nannydara » Fri Nov 03, 2006 4:45 pm

I agree with Renanna--people ALWAYS say we can't yet we do! I am in for a try everytime :D
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Postby Borimorg » Fri Nov 03, 2006 5:04 pm

Speak, bro. There's just something about MLF that you don't know. We do raid more than we used to and contrary to what some would believe we aren't as much of a family oriented guild that we once were.

With that said. We came from the MT server where it was stated by other guilds time and time again that MLF as a family guild that raids is not going to be able to do this, or do that.

We proved them wrong over and over again.

So some of the older members tend towards the defensive when someone says something like we can't, or we won't be able to etc, etc.

We are a guild known for beating the odds and showing what we can do. That came from, comes from and will come from the quality of the players in MLF.
Yeah everyone has strats from the net available to them. Those strats haven't always worked for us and we developed our own on the fly to accomplish the things we wanted to.

One thing that helps. I sometimes would really like to know the percentage of any other guilds that do this. MLF groups with MLF.
We get to know each others playing habits from that.
There's never been an edict that states that we should group together but we always have. That is still true today.

Hell, in a group situation Nanny can tell you exactly what I am going to do and when I am going to do it. And if she does happen to pull aggro how long she's going to keep it. For an example.

To me, I don't give two flying shits what other guilds have done or the equipment they have had to do it. I know what most of my fellow members in MLF are capable of when they are on target and ready to go.

Personally along with a lot of my brothers and sisters in MLF I will try OMM each and every time someone mentions it in a raid at the end of the night or whenever.

Because that is what MLF is, has been and hopefully always will be about. Keep on keeping on no matter what any other player or guild on the server thinks.

Peace bro :)
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Postby Xyphael » Fri Nov 03, 2006 7:33 pm

I find your lack of faith...disturbing

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Postby xileksis » Fri Nov 03, 2006 8:07 pm

i will come to speaks aid somewhat.

from a purely numbers standpoint.

ie gear raid number attendance attention span ect if you were to put that all in to a logical order i think that speak would be right

we are not truly ready to beat OOM yet.

but thats as far as i can go with it ....

why does a man or woman for that matter climb a rock or mountain or do some insane ( insane to same fun to others) thing..

simplest explination ITS THERE >>>> and they can ..

same for us .. OOM is there and so are we.. if i can kick him in the nuts while hes eating me so be it..

i saw a cartoon one time that will stick with me for all of my life.

it is a picture of a stork that has a frog in his beak you can only see 2 feet and one hand of the frog .. the hand is grasping the stork by the neck and the stork is turning blue. the caption reads. NEVER GIVE UP >>>>>>= MLF 8-).......... cant say much more.
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Postby Blabberpuss » Sat Nov 04, 2006 9:22 am

Jadziah wrote:does anyone have the link for the audio warning when we need to click the mask?

I have a sound on it, but I'd rather have the words. From reading the strat, sounds like they exist somewhere.
Use this LINK Jaddy, and type in exactly the words you want to hear, they will be converted to a downloadable audio file. You can put that into the proper folder and use it as an audio prompt. These should be placed in your EQ/AudioTriggers/Shared folder.

C'Mon guys give Speak a break. He is just speaking the obvious (to him) and should not be made to feel bad about posting his feelings. Read his post. Personally I LOVE doing this new stuff. Farming old stuff for gear, especially EASY stuff is boring. Fun > Boring w/Geardrops. (My opinion)

Borimorg said it well.

Speak, don't be afraid of flames (even little ones) by posting how you feel. We are all proud of what we have done with the few, over and over and over again, and some of us get broiled when it is even suggested we cannot do it again. They mean no harm. BUT, when you EVEN suggest, in the tiniest whisper that we CANNOT do something, stand back, WAY BACK! /Rez Speaknoevil
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Postby Numwen » Sat Nov 04, 2006 11:47 am

my 2 cents.... CE also beat OOM incase you didnt know that. OOM is ALONG fight. I will be there for every OOM fight that I can possibly make. That is the only way we will learn the strat that works for us on it. I dont mind buying summoning stones. when we wipe on ANY raid
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Postby Speaknoevil » Sat Nov 04, 2006 7:47 pm

Only cause I'm a perfectionist...CE hasn't beaten OMM. :wink:
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Postby Kitchee » Sun Nov 05, 2006 2:16 am

MLF has been having people tell us we cant beat stuff because we are not a pure raiding guild for the 5+ years I have been in guild. Guess what? We did.

We have some of the best players on the server. Maybe not top gear, but top players. And we are getting there in the gear department, like Xile mentioned above.

How can you judge our ability when we have not even had a real attempt? We had a pull with adds, and me as RT on OMM when I charmed.

It might take us a few tries to learn, but I think MLF has what it takes to beat OMM. I don't think any guild has killed him on their first try...If I am not working, I will be there for every attempt until we win :)
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Postby Blabberpuss » Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:09 am

Our progression thru Ikky and upwards was sorta like this. We would absorb a strat thru the week, then when we hit the event we where trying to beat the following week, we would learn a certain portion of the event, and get ourselves a bit farther before wiping. The next week, we would get a little further.

With OMM, we are advancing the strat further into the event until we can, with some degree of confidence believe we can beat the thing all the way thru. Often times, we can get lucky, with enough skillz, and the required classes online at the same time, beat an event without the 'growing pains'. Watch us beat OMM, sooner than expected. I have seen it before and it will happen again. The thing is though, if we don't attempt the event, we cannot get any portion of it under control enough to advance further into it. This event is complex, as you know, so every attempt we make, the more we learn.

My only reservation, is that there aren't enough of these 'tough events' out there left! :cry:
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Postby Cenadyen » Sun Nov 05, 2006 12:55 pm

I agree with everyone's sentiments. We can beat OMM and we will :D . OMM is a very complex (edit: well maybe its not so complex, but the sheer attrition that comes with the event will kick our butts for a while) event, and true we could be working on other progression (DP and PoR), but when most Tacvi stuff still goes for 200+ its probably not in our best interest to go after DPoB right now, especially with us not having even given tries at Vish or getting Anguish to a good farming state yet.

My little note on the strat: when posted on the EQlive forums it was laughed at, and seemed to be facetious according to those that posted. I would take the strat we have with a grain of salt. Unless anyone here who has done OMM before can atest to some parts of the strat (no one here has probably gotten a complete kill on him).
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