Congratulations Moonsteele

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Congratulations Moonsteele

Postby Jorrell » Fri Dec 29, 2006 11:18 am

You've been accepted as a full member in MLF! Welcome to the family. :)

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Postby Ulinki » Fri Dec 29, 2006 2:00 pm

Welcome and congratz :)
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Postby Leiph » Fri Dec 29, 2006 3:02 pm

Welcome. :)
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Postby Aaidian » Fri Dec 29, 2006 5:01 pm

Glad to have you with us Moon. Grats on your acceptance!
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Postby Boncallen » Fri Dec 29, 2006 5:30 pm

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Postby Blooddrive » Fri Dec 29, 2006 6:20 pm

bah! who let the gimp in?

well, now that you know the location of our secret hideout, you can never leave.
just remember the new guy'[s responsibilties...polishing the knights armour, sucking up to the healers with foot rubs, and hand massages to the chanters.
snap to it boy!
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Postby Zenedia » Fri Dec 29, 2006 7:27 pm

Congratulations, Moon!

I'll skip on the hand massage though.
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Postby Xyphael » Fri Dec 29, 2006 7:58 pm

grats and welcome Moone :)


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Postby Dominiculus » Fri Dec 29, 2006 8:37 pm

Gratz and welcome to Da Family
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