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The PoP Backflags Guide

Postby Vhaelrun » Thu Feb 16, 2006 8:22 pm

Alot of MLF is at the point they are short a very flew flags for elemental access. Thanks to the herculean efforts of the Officers and WC, MLF is welcome on pretty much any guild's raid on the server for flags. In order for that to continue though, we need to make sure we don't cause unecessary hassle during those other guild's raids. Here's a few tips/links for raid behavior and getting to various mobs regardless of your level.

Major Raid Do's
1. Know how to do the preflag and have it done.
1a. Raid Guide Forum
1b. Detailed Progression Text at Allakhzam's
2. Know how to get to the zone and have maps loaded.
3. Have a gate potion AND invis potion on you.
4. DON'T make the mistake of thinking the boards run too slow and you can pick this up later. The average time for people to unsnarl their flags once they can get in Sol Ro is 2-3 RL hours. You WILL spend the time looking up your preflags sooner or later. You'll save yourself major headaches by doing it ahead of time.
5. Don't spam the channel for buffs, invites, questions. Ask your GL first and give people time to react. Patience is a virtue.

Major Raid Don'ts
1. Do not try to take over the MA/SA/RL/BURL's job no matter what.
2. Do not start criticizing how the raid is being handled in your group.
3. Do not start complaining/spamming in channel if you messed up your preflag.
4. Do not whine about not being able to loot anything that drops-makes the other guild nervous about ninjas-they don't know you.
5. Do not make unnanounced afks or get lost.
6. Do not forget to say Thank You.
7. There is NO good excuse for the above 6 things. Not a bad day. Not medication. Not being Ill. Not computer troubles.

How can I get to this flag if I am late?
Assume mobs have HUGE agro and see invis. Most do.
Join MLFdrag, that is where the rogues hang out.

PoJ Trials -Required for Access to ALL flagged zones
No late entry on this one- Single group only - Only need 1 trial

Bastion of Storms Access/PoS Quest - BoT/Elemental Access
Invis and run to raid newwindow]Hedge Quest[/link] - Terris Thule/Elemental/Sol Ro Access
No late entry on this one- 18 people max newwindow]Terris Thule[/link] - Torment/Saryn/KoS/Sol Ro Access
Mage CoTH/Rogue Drag
Use harmony or pacify to get past the guardians to PoNB. Wait at GY and do NOT wander. Huge agro radius. newwindow]Grummus[/link] - Bert/Caprin/CoD/Torment/Sol Ro Access
Mage CotH
Zone in- sit at GY

[ newwindow]Caprin[/link] - Bertox/Torment/Sol Ro Access
Mage CoTH/ Rogue Drag

[ newwindow]Bertox[/link] - Must have caprin - Torment/Elemental/Sol Ro Access
Can click down safely after Bertox Kill OR
Rogue drag to raid in progress

[ newwindow]Saryn/Keeper of Sorrows[/link] - Elemental/Sol Ro Access
Limited Rogue Drag- There is a locked door on the main area. Drags are dependant on the ability of a non-FD class to login and open the door as we have ONE key in-guild. newwindow]Aerin Dar[/link] - HoHa/b Access
You cannot zone late into this area.

HoH Trials - [ newwindow]Rydda Dar[/link]- [ newwindow]Villagers[/link] - [ newwindow]Virgins[/link] - HoHb/Sol Ro Access
Rogue drag/Mage CoTH/Limited Invis (usually see invis mobs at basement entry)

[ newwindow]Lord Mithaniel Marr[/link] - Elemental/Sol Ro Access
Can invis to raid, be VERY careful to stay on sides of LMMs room.
Rogue drag newwindow]Xanamech[/link] - PoI Factory Key (MB)
Rogue Drag

[ newwindow]Manaetic Behemoth[/link] - Tactics/Sol Ro Access
Rogue Drag
If you have not done the preflag with the gnome inside the factory, you will have to go back after the MB kill.

[ newwindow]Tallon Zek[/link] - Elemental/Sol Ro Access
Rogue Drag - While mage coth does work in this zone, you cannot be coth'd to the raid room.

[ newwindow]Vallon Zek[/link] - Elemental/Sol Ro Access
Rogue Drag - While mage coth does work in this zone, you cannot be coth'd to the raid room.

[ newwindow]Rallos Zek[/link] - - Elemental Access
Invis/Lev and run due west into the pitt on RZ's death and raid invite. PP can be hailed through Invis but not SoS.

[ newwindow]Agnarr[/link] - Elemental Access
Agnarr Key needed if you are late. (NOT BoT access or BoT tower key) With key, you may need to come up before they kill the 2nd floor named.

[ newwindow]Sol Ro Minis[/link] - Sol Ro/PoF Access
Limited Rogue Drag - Once we have clicked into the tower, usually too late to come. Random mobs see rogues. newwindow]Emp Ssra[/link] - VT Access
BEFORE ENTERING EMP ROOM - Mage CoTH- Limited Rogue Drag ( traps and mobs tend to see SoS rogues)
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