Prophecy of Ro - Spell #2

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Prophecy of Ro - Spell #2

Postby Vendian » Fri Apr 14, 2006 11:16 am

*taken from Druids Grove*

Mission Giver: Ao the Fourth Born
Zone: Arcstone, Isle of Spirits

First Mission: The Libary

Zone into Skylance Tower (Run onto the Portal on the bridge which ends just before it)

You need to find your way to the Libary, You can speak with Ao's Assisant, and follow his Drake Fimilar, or you can simply take the ramp to the first Portal on your left.

The Libary is filled with Scrykin.

All Scykin have the following two AEs: 10 percent snare 30 percent melee slow

The Scykin hit around 1400 and are fairly MR. They AE Often. Resplendant 3 with Quicked Curing is a huge help as the slow has no counters.

When you walk through the portal, you can aggro upto 3 esp if you fight them at the Portal. As it has been posted elsewhere it is in your best interests to charge through the portal and fall down a story (appox 400 damage fall) and land in the middle of a bunch of non-kos Scykin.

Talk with Student Joban and get a task update to collect two halves of a symbol given to two Assisants.

Clear up the Ramp (you can pull the other Scykin to the bottom and the non-kos ones will not assist) until you can make it back to the portal without aggro. (there is no reason to pull/kill the indifferant ones).

Now, with the Portal at your back, the Assistant on the Right Platform should be first. Clear his ramp and charge him in place. Every 15/20 percent or so he will summon a very low hp book to assist him. These hit 800. We found it effective to have the group kill them while the MA offtanked the named. Once dead, loot Symbol.

Go back down to the Portal and clear the Left platform ramp of roamers. This assisant hits weaker then the previous one, but summons Scykin Bookworms (1400 hitters, both AEs) at short timed intervals while aggro. You need to Burn him down. These may aggro you, but should not all aggro you at once.

Kill the Bookworms you need to to clear to the back platform. Hand both halves of the Symbol to the Libarian and recieve The Codex Artifice you need.

Bring the Book back to Ao the Fourth in Arcstone for mission completion and a chest spawn.

Mission Two: The Oubliette

Get this mission from Ao the Fourth and zone into Skylance as per mission 1.

This time the Portal you need is on the first floor, to the Left of the zone in. Move through that portal (its safe).

You are now in a dungeon/basement area. Your goal is to move from room to room opening eggs until you locate the correct one.

There are lots of stonemites per room. They have appox 3k hitpoints so you can pull several at once and AE them, etc. They're are however a few 70/71 mobs that roam the basement, with normal hit range/hitpoints.

Note: The Evil Eye Models cast Blinding Blink

When you open an Egg, and it is not the correct one, a Unformed Scykin spawns (typical 70/71 trash mob).

Repeat this process till your task updates.

The person who was opening Eggs, should now have The Prototype Egg of Tallongast in their Inventory.

Head Back to Arcstone and give the Egg to Ao. This completes the Task and spawns a chest.

Mission 3: The Labatory

Recieve Misision from Ao and zone into Skylance.

This time the portal inside Skylance you want is the second one on the Ramp (next portal past the libary)

You are now in a room with a table and 4 platforms on the upper area.

The person who requested the Mission got The Incubated Egg of Tallongast. That person needs to place the egg on cursor, stand near the table and hit 'U'

This places the Egg on the Table. This spawns Lab Assisants (1400 Hitters, typical Scrykin AEs) on the upper level, you will want to kill these.

You are now going to get an E-Mote in Red Text (like the Yxxta Riddle)

The Riddle Answers are here:

- The gaze-O-rama should be used to confer the egg with greater sight =
click: WEST console

- Use the trans-injector to infuse the essence of magic into the egg =
click: NORTH console

- A good dose of ethereal goo needs to be applied next =
click: EAST console

- Switch on the hyper-manipulator to align the proteins into their proper sequence =
click: SOUTH console

- From the ether, call out the spirits willing to aid you in this experiment =
click: EAST equipment

- The dispenser has the next critical component =
click: SOUTH equipment

- Distill the magical spirits into their purest form =
click: WEST equipment

- Remove the necrotic portion of the tissue =
click: NORTH equipment

Now, every time you click the right item, another Lab Assisant Will spawn. I recommand killing it while your waiting for the computer to let you enter the next command (there is a delay on how fast you can win the riddle, just like Yxxta).

However, if you screw up, a 70ish Zombie spawns near the table and will aggro you. You also restart the riddle from the begining.

Once you do all 7, I would make sure everyone is buffed and has mana. When you click the 8th (final) command the named will spawn on the Table and attack.

The Named hits around 2100 and has a moderate amount of hitpoints. The named also will drop the mission loot (IE chest drop)

When you kill him two things happen, the first is Everyone in the Group recieves a Tarnished Chime in their inventory.

Secondly the Task updates with an Optional Part, which is bring the Tarnished Chime to Ao the Fourth Born in Arcstone. You want to do this, so do NOT leave task.

Handing the Tarnished Chime to Ao the Fourth Born results in you getting back a Harmonic Chime. This chime is used in your Theater of Blood Access Quest.
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