Prophecy of Ro- Guide to: Spells, Keys and such

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Prophecy of Ro- Guide to: Spells, Keys and such

Postby Vendian » Fri Apr 14, 2006 11:49 am

Part 1: 55 Aura - All Classes (that get one)
Part 2: 70 Aura - Wis/Int Casters
Part 3: Aura Listings
Part 4: Spell #1 - Saga Skins
Part 5: Spell #2 - Ao the Fourth (Skylance) Arc
Part 6: Theatre of Blood Access
Part 7: Arcstone - Tier 1 Armour
Part 8: Theatre of Blood - Tier 2 Armour
Part 9: Freeport Arena Charm quest
Part 10: Diamond Studded Coldain Historical Seal (Thurg MM)
Part 1: 55 Aura - All Classes
The purpose of this is to give everyone an idea on how to get your trap/aura, keep in mind this is the level 55 version, not level 70. It is soloable by most classes if at level 70.

Location: Ruins of Takish Hiz off of Southern Ro
Quest Giver: Lithill'Yan's Ghost
Quest Name: The Chalice of Life
Goal: Collect 4 drops off 4 named Golems in the zone
Lifestone of Winter off Lifestone Guardian of Winter
Lifestone of Spring off Lifestone Guardian of Spring
Lifestone of Summer off Lifestone Guardian of Summer
Lifestone of Autumn off Lifestone Guardian of Autumn
*the guardians are LDoNesque Takish Golems, just a tad bigger, they con blue to a 70*

Golems are on a 30 mins timer and each have their own spawn points, making this highly contested.


light blue - winter
yellow - summer
brown - autumn
green - spring

After collecting all 4 hand them to Lithil'Yan's ghost for the reward (stated) and spell (not stated)
Part 2: 70 Aura - Wis/Int Classes
The purpose of this is to give everyone an idea on how to get your trap/aura for level 70.

Location: North Ro (6879, - 1347) in a broken stone building
Quest Giver: Tak'Valnkor
Quest Name: "The Burning Prince" arc
Goal: Much like DoDh this is a progressive spell arc, the third of which results in your 70 aura/trap, however only one person needs to do the first two, you can enter the third having done neither of the other and get the reward. Need a group, and person who gets the mission must do turn ins.


1. Talk to Tak'Valnakor @ 6880, -1350 in North Ro. Get task.

2. Go into The Ruins of Takish-Hiz (static) there you will locate Krylin @ -410, -40 inside of a overturned tower. Hail him to open your instance in the Root of Ro.

3. The Root of Ro Instance entrance is to the right of the zone in, along the wall. It is a cave located at: 640, -600 It is HIGH on the wall. Once inside you must collect 5 different tablet items.
-- The first 4 are random on your way to the boss.
-- The Boss is melee, yellow to 70, max hit around 1300, drops the final tablet item.

4. Return the Tablets to Tak'Valnakor in North Ro to recieve mission 2.

-- All other mobs than the ones mentioned above are Dark Blue / White
-- Treants have a abilitiy called Bark Mulch, this is moderate DoT with Snare. MR-200.
-- Wind Models have an 1200 AE DD, which is FR-400 known as Fire Blast.


1. Talk to Tak'Valnakor @ 6880, -1350 in North Ro. Get task.

2. Go to to Queen Tal'Yaliz @ 5950, -2080 in North Ro. She is in a Tower near the Scarb platform. Talking to her ports your group into an instanced version of Ruins of Takish-Hiz.

3. Hunt down 5 Priests. They are yellow con and hit around 1500. They have *alot* of hitpoints. All other mobs are Green/Blue.
-- Priest One: Located at Building with enterance at 100, -960
-- Priest Two: Located at Building with enterance at 260, -460
-- Priest Three: Located at Building with enterance at 130, 100
-- Priests Four and Five are inside the Palace located at: -13, 135

To reach Priest 4: Enter the Palace, clear left. Go down that passage, there is a staircase on your left. Go down the stairs, there is a room to the East. Enter that room. Fouth Priest is in a side room on the left hand side.

To Reach Priest 5: Exit the East room where you just in for Priest 4, ther eis a hallway ahead of you, and Archs on the Left and Right. Priest 5 is on the second floor of the Right Arch.

4. After slaying the 5 Priests the Prince will spawn in the Amptheater area. Appox Loc is 20, -300. Prince hits 1850ish, but not that fast.

He casts Death's Beckon every 60 seconds (single target high powered lifetap) Tank reported it landing for 1800ish. DR - 200.

He also has a AE Curse, which is Curse of Silir. This is a MR -250 check DoT with a trigger. After 30 seconds (and the spell wears off) it fires Curse of Ice Trigger and you take 8000 Damage unresistable. I am not sur ethe number of curse counters as Lucy does not list the exact number - it says unknown calucation.

Thus - it is very important to Resist or Cure (RGC!) the curse as it lands. You can not let it run 30 seconds. (For those Fimilar with Bloodeye and Arch-Magus, similar effect, just its not a DT).

5. After slaying The Prince, talk to Queen Tal'Yaliz in North Ro.

-- Earth Elementals in this mission cast Stupefy, This effect is MR - 200, lowers Wisdom and Int by 150 (thus decreasing the amount of available mana you have) and lowers Endurance by 200 / tick. The effect lasts 2 minutes. It should be able to be removed with Radiant Cure or better.


1. Talk to Tak'Valnakor @ 6880, -1350 in North Ro. Get task.

2. Go to to Queen Tal'Yaliz @ 5950, -2080 in North Ro. She is in a Tower near the Scarb platform. The player who talks to her will receive the Queen's Crown. Talking to her ports your group into an instanced version of Ruins of Takish-Hiz.

3. Loot 3 NO DROP items: The Scepter, The Wand and The Signet.
All Trash mobs in this mission are blue unless otherwise noted.

The first chest is located in this building: 100, -960 The chest is on the second floor and guarded by 3 Yellow Con Elves. Loot Sceptre.

The scepter is located in this building: 260, -460 This is in a chest also on the second floor - again guarded by 3 yellow con Elves. Loot: Wand

The Priest is in the Temple. Temple Enterance is located at -13, 135

To reach the Final Priest clear inside the Temple to the left. Go down that passage. On your left you will see a staircase. Take the Left Staircase. There is a Archway on your Left - this is the one you want.

Inside the room there is a ramp to the second floor. The Final Priest is up there. He is guarded by 2 Yellow Con Sand Elf Clerics.

Kill The adds and charge the Priest.

During the Fight 80/40 percent He calls for help. I noticed on track adds did spawn, but they did not spawn on us, nor did they charge us from this location. This may be bugged.

Kill the Priest and Loot the Signet.
NOTE: You need need to make your way back to the zone in and zone into South Ro.

4. Once in South Ro, zone into the non-instanced verison of Ruins of Takish-Hiz. You need to make your way to the Portal to the Elddar Forest located at 103, -177. It appears as a Sand Storm. You need to enter the Elddar Forest.

5. Once in Elddar Forest make your way to location: 116, -54 (First building on the Left when you zone in).

Have the person who did the looting hand all 4 items to Maryin Tak'Yaliz.

Recieve Spell: ~!

Chest will spawn beside Maryin with loot for completing the mission.
Part 3: Aura Listings
At 70 (at 55, should be half strength or so):

Increase Spell Damage by 30%
Increase Haste v3 by 30%

Critical Damage Mod(30)

Mitigate Melee Damage by 3%, 0 total

30 Regen / Tick
4 Disease Counters Cured / Tick

Increase Mana by 6 per tick

Pets: Increase All Skills Damage Modifier by 10%

Increase Chance to Riposte by 10%
Increase Chance to Parry by 10%
Increase Chance to block by 10%

Set Healing Effectiveness to 5%

Increase Proc Modifier by 2%
Increase AC by 90
Part 4: Spell #1 - Saga Skins
Mini Guide to PoR Spell #1

This task pops up with you looting a skin from red-con mobs in Devastation, named in Sverag or any mob in Ragethorn. As soon as you loot the skin a task will pop up in your screen (Saga Skins) - you get it automatically. There is no npc to request this task from.

This will grant you a single task -NOT a group one- to collect skin samples from different model mobs from Plane of Rage. You need to collect a total of NINE skins. You can do your farming either in Devastation or Sverag... as long as you do red-con Named (in Sverag) or red-con Captains/leaders (In devastation), these are what drop the skins. They also drop from just about everything in Razorthorn if you have access.

I. Where to get skins from?

The Devastation

In Devastationlook for red cons called "an elite", "an elite soldier", "a centurian", "a dark initiate". etc. Watch the camps and troops in Devastation as they wipe out other camps, they will spawn new races. Sometimes these red-con will pop up. They spawn at a higher rate close to the Stronghold and around it. They can be soloed, the tedious part is getting them alone. Stay out of range and cast Nature's Serenity on his friends and then pull him from a distance as quickly as you can. Pull them to the Stronghold walls so you don't get adds. They sometimes break root often so keep on alert, and also watch for trains - don't stick particularly close to the Stronghold door (because of trains), though the side camps are fine for soloing.

Sverag, Stronghold of Rage

In Sverag (the stronghold)look for easy named such as "The Subjugator". The best camp area is near the instance door. If you can get a group around that area they can pull "the subjugator" as well as a white con that spawns right beside the door. Both of these drop skins. Even if they aren't the race you need, they mostly drop Bolvirk skins but can also drop others that aren't of their particular race.


Like I mentioned earlier, if you have a group with access to these instances, you can hunt here for the skins. The skins have a 80% chance of dropping of trash here. NOTE: The task will not pop up here if you do not have any skin, you can only get the task from looting skins in Devastation or Sverag.

II. Complete List of Skins

The complete list of skins you need is as follows:

1 - Bolvirk - Scarred Bolvirk Skin
2 - Undead - Mummified Pigmented Skin
3 - Kobold - Patch of Dyed Kobold Fur
4 - Orc - Torn and Tattooed Orc Flesh
5 - Evil Eye - Inked Evil Eye Hide
6 - Wurines - Decorated Wurine Hide
7 - Drachnid - Etched Drachnid Carapace
8 - Shilliskin - Tattooed Shiliskin Skin
9 - Berserkers/Vah Shir - Scarred and Tattooed Skin

III. Who to give the skins to

After you got all the skins, take them to Grand Librarian Maelin in the top of the library in Plane of Knowledge.

He will give you pages for each skin sample you give him. Combine the total 9 skins in a Book Binding and you should get a book. Turn in this book for your spell. You need an open top inventory slot for the Book Binding, you can get it on East Freeport, Corathus, and most home cities. Here's a list with buying locations

He then tells you,
Grand Librarian Maelin says 'Well, these are very interesting! I've learned a lot from the things you have brought me, so I wanted you to have this.'
Part 5: Spell #2 - Ao the Fourth (Skylance) Arc

Mission Giver: Ao the Fourth Born
Zone: Arcstone, Isle of Spirits

First Mission: The Libary

Zone into Skylance Tower (Run onto the Portal on the bridge which ends just before it)

You need to find your way to the Libary, You can speak with Ao's Assisant, and follow his Drake Fimilar, or you can simply take the ramp to the first Portal on your left.

The Libary is filled with Scrykin.

All Scykin have the following two AEs: 10 percent snare 30 percent melee slow

The Scykin hit around 1400 and are fairly MR. They AE Often. Resplendant 3 with Quicked Curing is a huge help as the slow has no counters.

When you walk through the portal, you can aggro upto 3 esp if you fight them at the Portal. As it has been posted elsewhere it is in your best interests to charge through the portal and fall down a story (appox 400 damage fall) and land in the middle of a bunch of non-kos Scykin.

Talk with Student Joban and get a task update to collect two halves of a symbol given to two Assisants.

Clear up the Ramp (you can pull the other Scykin to the bottom and the non-kos ones will not assist) until you can make it back to the portal without aggro. (there is no reason to pull/kill the indifferant ones).

Now, with the Portal at your back, the Assistant on the Right Platform should be first. Clear his ramp and charge him in place. Every 15/20 percent or so he will summon a very low hp book to assist him. These hit 800. We found it effective to have the group kill them while the MA offtanked the named. Once dead, loot Symbol.

Go back down to the Portal and clear the Left platform ramp of roamers. This assisant hits weaker then the previous one, but summons Scykin Bookworms (1400 hitters, both AEs) at short timed intervals while aggro. You need to Burn him down. These may aggro you, but should not all aggro you at once.

Kill the Bookworms you need to to clear to the back platform. Hand both halves of the Symbol to the Libarian and recieve The Codex Artifice you need.

Bring the Book back to Ao the Fourth in Arcstone for mission completion and a chest spawn.

Mission Two: The Oubliette

Get this mission from Ao the Fourth and zone into Skylance as per mission 1.

This time the Portal you need is on the first floor, to the Left of the zone in. Move through that portal (its safe).

You are now in a dungeon/basement area. Your goal is to move from room to room opening eggs until you locate the correct one.

There are lots of stonemites per room. They have appox 3k hitpoints so you can pull several at once and AE them, etc. They're are however a few 70/71 mobs that roam the basement, with normal hit range/hitpoints.

Note: The Evil Eye Models cast Blinding Blink

When you open an Egg, and it is not the correct one, a Unformed Scykin spawns (typical 70/71 trash mob).

Repeat this process till your task updates.

The person who was opening Eggs, should now have The Prototype Egg of Tallongast in their Inventory.

Head Back to Arcstone and give the Egg to Ao. This completes the Task and spawns a chest.

Mission 3: The Labatory

Recieve Misision from Ao and zone into Skylance.

This time the portal inside Skylance you want is the second one on the Ramp (next portal past the libary)

You are now in a room with a table and 4 platforms on the upper area.

The person who requested the Mission got The Incubated Egg of Tallongast. That person needs to place the egg on cursor, stand near the table and hit 'U'

This places the Egg on the Table. This spawns Lab Assisants (1400 Hitters, typical Scrykin AEs) on the upper level, you will want to kill these.

You are now going to get an E-Mote in Red Text (like the Yxxta Riddle)

The Riddle Answers are here:

- The gaze-O-rama should be used to confer the egg with greater sight =
click: WEST console

- Use the trans-injector to infuse the essence of magic into the egg =
click: NORTH console

- A good dose of ethereal goo needs to be applied next =
click: EAST console

- Switch on the hyper-manipulator to align the proteins into their proper sequence =
click: SOUTH console

- From the ether, call out the spirits willing to aid you in this experiment =
click: EAST equipment

- The dispenser has the next critical component =
click: SOUTH equipment

- Distill the magical spirits into their purest form =
click: WEST equipment

- Remove the necrotic portion of the tissue =
click: NORTH equipment

Now, every time you click the right item, another Lab Assisant Will spawn. I recommand killing it while your waiting for the computer to let you enter the next command (there is a delay on how fast you can win the riddle, just like Yxxta).

However, if you screw up, a 70ish Zombie spawns near the table and will aggro you. You also restart the riddle from the begining.

Once you do all 7, I would make sure everyone is buffed and has mana. When you click the 8th (final) command the named will spawn on the Table and attack.

The Named hits around 2100 and has a moderate amount of hitpoints. The named also will drop the mission loot (IE chest drop)

When you kill him two things happen, the first is Everyone in the Group recieves a Tarnished Chime in their inventory.

Secondly the Task updates with an Optional Part, which is bring the Tarnished Chime to Ao the Fourth Born in Arcstone. You want to do this, so do NOT leave task.

Handing the Tarnished Chime to Ao the Fourth Born results in you getting back a Harmonic Chime. This chime is used in your Theater of Blood Access Quest.
Part 6: Theatre of Blood Access
Prologue: Archmage Galsin

When you first enter Arcstone, Archmage Galsin is inside a tent at the entry camp. Talk to him and he will talk about the Plane of Music. He is investigating how to enter that plane, and from his research he knows that there are chimes that when rung will transport the bearer there. However, all the chimes were destroyed by Sullon Zek. Galsin has heard that Ao the Fourth Born might have more information.

Step 1: Ao the Fourth Born

Ao is in Arcstone, right at the entrance to Relic. He has a series of missions in Skylance: The Library, The Oubliette, and The Laboratory. (I won't detail the missions here right now, since that info is widely available, but when I have a chance I may add the descriptions.)

Completing these missions results in a level 70 spell/aura for hybrids (and meleers?), and also a Tarnished Chime (received by hailing Ao after completing all three missions). Give the Chime back to Ao and he will give you the Harmonic Chime.

Return to Galsin with this chime. He will be surprised and excited that you have it, and ask for it. When you give it to him, he will tell you that it is indeed a piece of the chimes that Sullon had destroyed, but its magic is now gone. (He returns it to you as Silent Harmonic Chime.) He suggests you find a way to repair it.

Interlude: Introducing Oathmir the Outcast

When you enter The Devastation, talk to Oathmir, the Bolvirk standing nearby. He seems to have some knowledge of Sullon and the area, but there are some things he is unwilling to talk to you about because you can't possibly help him without getting into Sullon's tower. It turns out Oathmir can help you repair the chime, so you'd better find a way into the tower.

Step 2: Razorthorn Access with Librarian Maelin

This entire sequence is optional for the purposes of Theater of Blood access. The entire purpose of this arc is to get flagged to talk to Oathmir so that you can do the next step (which *is* required for Theater access), so if you are grouped with someone who has done it, you can skip to Step 3 below. However, the group task at the end of this arc yields a charm which can be powered up (or at least that's what Maelin says), so depending on how good it gets, this might be worth doing for that. Also, the first quest results in a 70 spell, so depending on how hard the other quest for your spell is, this might be worth doing for that.

Step 2.a: Saga Skins ("Solo" quest)

In The Devastation, packs of mobs spawn and roam all over, getting into fights with one another. There are nine kinds of mobs: Evil Eye, Undead, Bolvirk, Kobold, Drachnid, Orc, Shiliskin, Berserkers (basically any player race), and Wurine. Each pack will have a leader; if that leader is red con, it will drop a special skin (sometimes two). Looting your first such skin will give you the solo quest Saga Skins. DO NOT ABANDON THIS QUEST; there is no way to get it again.

Steps 1-9: Loot one of each sort of skin.
Steps 10-18: Give skins to Librarian Maelin in PoK. Each time you do, he gives you back the skin (which you need to keep for a future quest) and a page, so I recommend not doing this until you have all 9 skins.
Step 19: Bind all 9 pages together. This will result in a pair of books. Read them for the lore if you like.

I suggest collecting all 9 skins, buying a book binding (tailoring vendors in various home cities sell these), and then going to Maelin with all of those items. That way you minimize the trips up and down the stupid elevator in the library.

Keep the skins; you need five of them for the next quest in this series.

Once you have the books, hand them to Librarian Maelin. He will return the books to you, give you a level 70 spell, and also assign you the solo quest Preparing your New Skin. Make sure you are able to pick this quest up (I assume you will, since you just finished a quest; just don't run off and get another quest in the interim!)

Step 2.b: Preparing Your New Skin ("Solo" quest)

Steps 1-3: Loot a comb, 5 soot, and 5 blood in Devastation or Sverag.
Steps 4-6: Deliver the above items to Maelin.
Steps 7-11: Deliver 5 of the skins (Bolvirk, Orc, Shiliskin, Berserker, Wurine) to Maelin. Each skin results in Maelin giving you a piece of special armor which will be used in the next task.

You can now go to Maelin and tell him "Become the Vessel" to get the next task, shockingly named "Become the Vessel".

Step 2.c: Become The Vessel (Group Task)

Step 1: Sit in front of the tower in Sverag for five minutes while wearing the five pieces of special armor. (Only one person needs to do this.)
Step 2: Kill 60 mobs in Sverag.
Step 3: Sit in front of the tower in Sverag for five minutes while wearing the five pieces of special armor. (Only one person needs to do this.)
Steps 4-8: Return the five pieces of armor to Maelin. He will not give them back, so I'm not sure if it's possible to redo this task.

Talk to Maelin after finishing the task (the yellow quest completion text will include a key phrase to tell Maelin) and he will give you a charm which I believe represents your ability to now enter the tower. Maelin also says that if you bring him body parts of powerful entities in Rage, it will make the charm stronger. Anyone have info on this?

Now that you can enter the tower, the conversation path where Oathmir previously didn't talk to you will start a group task.

Step 3: Samples of Corruption (Group Task)

Oathmir gives you a 10 slot combine box for this task.
Step 1: Enter Razorthorn, an instanced zone in Sverag. The entrance is the "door" of the tower, where you were sitting for the previous task. Doing this locks the task so you can't swap people after you zone in.
Step 2: Loot 10 corrupted bloods.
Step 3: Combine the bloods in the box.
Step 4: Return the box to Oathmir.

This mission has respawns. We did not loot any blood off any of the respawned mobs, so it might be best to push through and not get caught up killing respawn for a long time.

This quest yields a chest with (at least for the hard version) 200ish HP gear and effects (we got a neck item with Cleave II and 20 attack, for non-tank melees and hybrids or some such class mix).

After completing this quest, give Oathmir your chime. He will muck with it and return it to you as a Twisted Chime. Take this to Galsin and show it to him. He will be surprised that it's been repaired, but it has lost its enchantment. He says that Elddar royalty might be able to restore its enchantments.

Step 4: Tak'Valnikor and Queen Tak'Yaliz

In North Ro, find Tak'Valnikor. He will start a mission line involving the Takish Elves. (Again, details to be added later.)

Completing this mission line will result in a spell/aura for priests (and casters?). Also, once this quest line is complete, you will be able to give your Twisted Chim to Queen Tak'Yaliz in North Ro. She will enchant it and return to you a Twisted Harmonic Chime.

Finishing Up

Go back to Galsin and give him the Twisted Harmonic Chime. He will be very excited, and return to you the chime, except now it casts a spell which will transport you to Theater of Blood. You also gain an AA under the general tab, Harmonic Dissonance, which allows you to use the chime. (Who knows why they bothered to do this... maybe there's something else to it down the line?)

Congratulations! You now have access to the Theater of Blood!
Part 7: Arcstone - Tier 1 Armour
Lady Usher may be found outside one of the tents at the zone-in (/loc?).

You say, 'Hail, Lady Usher'

Lady Usher says 'Greetings, ______. You arrived here unannounced, as though carried in by the wind! At first I thought you were one of the spirits of this isle. Now that I see you up close, I realize you are solid and not [clouded] at the edges like they are. . .'

You say, 'Clouded?'

Lady Usher says 'Yes, clouded. It is difficult to explain and almost impossible to see, unless you know how to look without expectation. Essentially the spirits of this isle adopt physical bodies, but these [bodies] are transient, existing for moments at a time'

You say, 'What bodies?'

Lady Usher says 'When a spirit leaves its adopted body, it often leaves behind a spirit mark, in the same way we leave behind footprints. I've been studying these spirit marks since I arrived here. They can be used to forge powerful [armor].'

You say, 'What armor?'

Lady Usher says 'I can help you create a suit of spirit-forged armor. Here are the ingredients you must gather first.'

You are told to gather:

Spirit Mark of Air (arms), Tempest, named mob in Arcstone
Spirit Mark of Battle (chest), Shekar in the Fire region in Arcstone (uncommonly)
Spirit Mark of Earth (gloves), ?
Spirit Mark of Fire (legs), Embra in the fire region of Arcstone (uncommonly)
Spirit Mark of Scale (wrists), ?
Spirit Mark of Vision (helm), Thorn, named tangleroot in tangleroot section of Arcstone
Spirit Mark of Water (feet). Stillsheen, named water elemental in river area of Arcstone

You also need a Crafting Mold for each one. The molds are purchasable from Lady Usher.

Bards receive Prismatic Scaled {Armor}.
Beastlords receive {Armor} of the Wildkin.
Berserkers receive Dark-Alloy {Armor} of Rage.
Clerics receive {Armor} of the Harmonious Soul.
Druids receive Woven Bramble {Armor}.
Enchanters receive {Armor} of Persuasion.
Magicians receive Elemental Essence {Armor}.
Monks receive {Armor} of Celestial Discipline.
Necromancers receive {Armor} of the Whispering Soul.
Paladins receive Redeemer's {Armor}.
Rangers receive Heartwood {Armor}.
Rogues receive {Armor} of Stolen Fate.
Shadowknights receive Hate-Cursed {Armor}.
Shaman receive {Armor} of the Fates.
Warriors receive {Armor} of the Blessed Champion.
Wizards receive {Armor} of Prismatic Power.

Hand in the appropriate mold along with the appropriate Spirit Mark to receive your class-specific reward.
Part 8: Theatre of Blood - Tier 2 Armour
Trash drops with name types listed below have all slots, but bp/legs.
Named of the same type/model have the bp/legs.
*have gotten two different lists for armor droppers, use them both and compare to get the specific mobs for your armour*

Bard - Banshee
Beastlord - Feralists
Berserker - Dervish
Cleric - ?
Druid - Plants
Enchanter - Enticer/Coercer
Magician - Archmage/Elementalist
Monk - Bats
Necromancer - Deathcaster/dealer
Paladin - ?
Ranger - Willows/Trees
Rogue - Watchers/Sentinels
Shadowknight - Nightmares
Shaman - Spirit Seekers/Spiritualists
Warrior - Husks
Wizard - Firestarter/Spellslinger

Bard - Banshee (Vesagran)
Beastlord - Shadowmane (Spirit Totem Etched)
Berserker - Dervish (Vengeful Blood-Alloy)
Cleric - Banshee (Superior Divinity)
Druid - Plants (Everliving Bramble)
Enchanter - Truefaith (Eternal Eloquence)
Necromancer - Truefaith (Whispered Death)
Magician - Bloodbonded (Primal Element)
Monk - Bats (Transcended Immortality)
Paladin - Horses (Nights Bane)
Ranger - Willow (Petrified Heartwood)
Rogue - Gargoyles (Entropic Nightshade)
Shadow Knight - Horses (Wailing Hatred)
Shaman - Shadowmane (Spirit Blessed)
Warrior - Husks (Eternity)
Wizard - Bloodbonded (Phenomenal Power)

Part 9: Freeport Arena Charm quest
Charm that you can get, it grows with stats the further you go along. Each wave is controllable, aka, you have to hail to get the next wave. Get as far as you can. Do it again later, and get further then you did, it upgrades further.

AC: 20
STR: +10 DEX: +10 STA: +10 CHA: +10 WIS: +10 INT: +10 AGI: +10 HP: +153 MANA: +153 ENDUR: +153
Avoidance: +10 Accuracy: +10 Regeneration: +5
Recommended level of 70. Required level of 1.
WT: 0.8 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7

In EFP, near the arena entry, talk to the Knight Champion Eddard (or similar title) to get the task. First several waves are simple. Here's breakdown of the waves.

The Waves:

1) an arena gladiator (Green con mob)
2) an arena slave
3) an arena beast
4) an arena beast
5) an arena fighter
6) an arena fighter
all enrage at 10% from here on, summon when damaged:
7) an arena beast (light blue con)
Cool an arena elemental (blue con mob)
9) an arena gladiator
10) an arena gladiator (lich)
11) an arena gladiator (drachnid)(even con mobs)
12) an arena gladiator (water elemental)--not effected by anti-summoned spells
13) an arena gladiator (earth elemental), two gladiator adds (snare/rootable)(blue con)
14) two arena gladiators (evil eyes)(yellow con), no snare
15) an arena gladiator (Battlemaster Rhioris type), two adds, no snare
16) two arena gladiators (gargoyles), no snare, 2% AA each
17) an arena gladiator (spider), 4 adds (snare/rootable)
1 an arena gladiator (fire elemental) hits up to 1k
19) an arena champion (one giant kick ass Mushroom Man), occational flurry
20) an arena champion (frost viking), 6 adds, two at a time, (snare/rootable) (they jump too!)
21) two an arena champions (froglok ghosts), no snare, two adds per champion (snare/rootable)
22) an arena champion (croc-type thingy), two baby crocs, no snare
23) three an arena champions (drachnids), no snare
24) an arena champion (Battlemaster Rhioris model)(red con), 4 adds, 1 at a time, blue no snare AE flurry
25) an arena champion (baby dragon), TEN no snare blue an arena gladiators adds
26) an arena champion (red colored Seeker), hits up to 1139, rampages
27) an arena champion (rock dervish), 4 blue adds **** MEZZABLE! ****, no snare
2 two an arena champions (red colored goblins), flurries, 4 adds per champion (green colored goblins)--blue, no mezz/snare
29) an arena champion (squidhead), flurries
30) two an arena champions (mummies)(undead), two blue adds per mummy, ****MEZZABLE**** no snare
31) big black golem - 2 adds every 20%
32) 6 orcs - kite them 1k hitters (HARDEST ONE)
33) 1 Fire imp, single ramp hard hitter
34) 2 red WW flurry, 2 adds 80%, then 1 every 20%
35) 2 vampires spawns 2 sets of adds each @ 80% and 40%
36) 3 spiders hit hard (no mez, root)
37) 1 frost giant, 1 add every 10%
3 2 large cougars, spawns like 2 cub adds 4 or 5 times during fight
39 ) 2 mobs look like hanvar (flurry)
40) 4 red ghosts (immune root,mez. Kite them)
41) 1 eye, 2k hitter, spawns 1 add every 10% Anti-climactic tbh
Part 10: Diamond Studded Coldain Historical Seal
Diamond Studded Coldain Historical Seal
Augmentation type: 7 8
AC: 14
STR: +7 STA: +7 WIS: +7 INT: +7 HP: +70 MANA: +70 ENDUR: +70
Avoidance: +15 Regeneration: +7
Recommended level of 65.
WT: 0.0 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

Finish all 3 missions (fairly straight forward MMs) and loot a seal from each. Note however that only 1 seal drops per win so you may have to repeat it over and over to actually get it. The aug does not show stats until equiped, you can equip it after you have one seal and as you hand in a second or third it will become more powerful. Hand ins are to the dwarf that starts the arc of sorts, Historian Duggans.

1 - "The Defense of Thurgadin" Part I aka Dain Frostreaver the First:
2 - "The Defense of Thurgadin" Part II aka Dain Frostreaver the Second
3 - "The Defense of Thurgadin" Part III aka Dain Frostreaver the Third:
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Re: Prophecy of Ro- Guide to: Spells, Keys and such

Postby Baldary » Fri Apr 14, 2006 12:18 pm

Vendian wrote:Part 1: 55 Aura - All Classes

Hardly. A number of classes get no aura. :(

Very nice guide though. :)

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Postby Vendian » Fri Apr 14, 2006 1:12 pm

Thank ya=) some of the write ups are mine, some belong to other ppl, but trying to put everything in one post, have a few more things Id like to add=)
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