To Battle a God - Part 1

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To Battle a God - Part 1

Postby Akaver » Mon Apr 15, 2002 1:33 am

As I crested the final dune the air was hot and dry. It seemed I had walked for days and yet I had come no closer to my goal. "Fool," I chided myself, "Why do you trust these visions? It is naught but madness!" Yet the Goddess Tunare had appeared before me and bade me travel to the Deserts of Ro far from my homeland and there seek out others like myself who had received a call to do battle with The Evil One, God of Hate, Innoruk.<br><br> Looking down from the top of the dune I could scarcely contain my surprise. Campfires spread in every direction in the valley below. Warriors, healers, and spell-weavers from all parts of Norrath were before me. So many! Could they all be here for the same reason as myself? I quickly hastened to the Spires where all were gathered and was overjoyed to see many friends I had met in my travels. This was indeed a group to challenge a God! Stout companions all and despite the seriousness of our endeavor, we spared not a single smile at such a merry meeting.<br><br> I could sense the anticipation in the air as more and more adventurers arrived. Soon enough, the call came forth to band together and begin our assault. I received my orders and found those who would fight by my side. <br>Fafner was the leader of our group and greeted me with a gruff nod before returning to his discussions with the other battle-leaders. "Don't mind ole Fafner," said a voice from behind and below me, "he seems all bear, but he's a healer at heart." Spining around I beheld a halfling of the Vale grinning up at me. "Name's Meldru" he announced with pride. I soon learned that Meldru was a druid, a mighty priest of nature. He marked me for an Illusionist right off and we immediately fell to discussing our studies. While we spoke Fafner returned with grim news. <br> "The others who were to complete our battle group have volunteered to be amongst the first to attempt to breach the Plane." he stated. "Their choice was one of bravery and courage, which is pleasing to the Gods. Let us hope they die well." He sat then and we chose not to interrupt his thoughts. Knowing that we would therefore be shorthanded upon entering the Plane, I wondered if his words were meant for those who would go before us, or for ourselves.<br><br>/ooc Whew, this got longer than I thought it would! Hope you guys like it.<br><br>Akaver <p></p><i></i>

To Battle a God - Part 2

Postby Akaver » Mon Apr 15, 2002 2:16 am

With battle groups established and strategy set, we waited while others went before us to attempt to establish a beachhead upon Innoruk's very plane of existence, the seat of his power. The initial reports we heard were disheartening. Many of our bravest and strongest had perished in the attempt to enter the domain of Hate. Yet many more were eager to avenge them. Waves we sent into the nether regions, yet in vain. Then we heard our first words of hope. Yes! A cleric, no, TWO clerics had found a haven in the God's foul home. Surely it was Tunare smiling upon us to deliver such a boon! With the help of some stealthy rogues our priestesses were able to summon back the spirits of our fallen comrades and gather a mighty host to lay siege to Innoruk and his minions.<br><br> Soon my group was summoned to the top of the Spire where a mighty wizard used his art to transport us to the Plane of Hate. As I slowly recovered from my interplanar travel I was somewhat surprised to find myself within a dwelling. I must confess, I had expected to find less hospitable accommodations! Yet, upon exiting the abode I soon saw the true nature of Innoruk's domain. A twisted mockery of the mortal realm, bent and befouled by the unceasing hatred of the Dark God for all that exists. My heart despaired at the sight but Fafner pulled us together and led us forth.<br><br> He travelled with great haste but with a steady stride and grim determination. I sensed that his haste grew not out of fear, but out of concern for those who awaited us at the rallying point deep within the cursed realm. This merely strengthened my initial impression of Fafner. Like all his people he was strong and broad of shoulder, yet he seemed wiser and more learned than his more warlike brethren. Ahh Fafner, if only your wisdom could have foreseen the violence ahead!<br><br> As we passed a series of crooked houses, cracked and broken as if some smothering force had been pushing down upon them for years stretching into eternity, Fafner slowed our pace. Glancing ahead I saw the object of his concern. A rat, if such a word can truly describe such a horror, lay ahead of us. It was as large as the hunting mastiffs I had seen employed by the men of Freeport when pursuing bears in the Commonlands. It's body was covered in patches of matted grey fur and a foul stench attacked my nostrils, no doubt coming from the numerous sores and seeping boils which infested its body. It's wrinkled snout tasted the air in search of prey while it's long claws continuously scratched at the paving stones underneath its feet. <br> I know not whether it was my own imagination or some artifice of Innoruk's, but the sound of those claws brought forth a terrifying memory from my childhood. Asleep in my bed I awoke to a faint scratching noise coming from my window. The mild wind had was brushing a branch from a nearby tree against my window. However, in the dark I could not see this and did not realize the source of the sound. As I lay there listening I conjured up a host of monsters attempting to enter my room and was filled with an unreasoning and irrepressible sense that something evil wanted to destroy me.<br> "Let me in," the scratching seemed to whisper, "let me inside little elf!" To me that voice seemed filled with insidious rancor and loathing. <br> Now, confronting this awful creature those same childish fears and frights came flooding back into me and I was paralyzed by the awful clicking and tickling of the rats claws upon the road ahead.<br><br> We waited until it finally turned and walked back into the alley between two houses. Only several minutes after it's foul pink tail could no longer be seen did Fafner silently order us forward.<br> Yet as we passed by the alley where the beast had seemingly retreated, it charged out in ambush with a frightening speed and fury. It bowled Fafner over and sank it's claws deep into his shoulder, easily piercing his fine armor. It then turned it's baleful gaze on me and bounded off Fafner's chest in a powerful leap. Seeing our danger, Fafner caught the rat's tail in his hands and yanked it back. The thing hissed in anger and turning back to Fafner racked one of it's claws across his face raising three deep red furrows from cheek to chin. <br> "GO!" he yelled in pain and anger, as he wrestled with his foe. I began to call forth a spell to addle the creatures wits and allow Fafner to escape. But before I could bring the mystic words to my lips the vile vermin latched it's fangs onto Fafner's throat and with a single bite snapped his neck in two. Backing away in horror I watched as it tried to drag Fafner's corpse into the shadows. However, the hellish rodent soon found that he was to great to move and so sated itself on his blood and flesh before it skulked off into a dark building away to our right.<br> As I stared in numb horror at Fafner's corpse I felt a tug on my sleeve. "He would have wanted us to go on," Meldru stated with sadness but also with some small measure of hope. "The others are waiting for us and will need us in the battle ahead. All is not lost."<br> "Yes, you are right." I said then. "We will not let his sacrifice be in vain. Come Meldru, let us continue and fight today in his name."<br> As we left him I said a silent prayer asking Tunare to guide him in the afterlife and to allow him to return to battle should one of her faithful servants request it.<br><br><br><br><br>/ooc Ok that's all I have time for tonight, it's 11:50 now. Hopefully I can finish this tomorrow with Fafner's resurrection and our mighty battle.<br><br>Akaver <p></p><i></i>

Re: To Battle a God - Part 2

Postby Flintrok » Mon Apr 15, 2002 7:59 am

WoooOOOOooot!! Keep it comin bro ! great stuff ! <p><a href="" target="flintrok">-=Current Profile=-</a><br><img src=""></p><i></i>

Re: To Battle a God - Part 1

Postby Grishkalur » Mon Apr 15, 2002 8:12 am

Great reading, you made my Monday morning. Keep it up! <p>GrishkalurMystic of the Tribunal<BR>The Mystical Lightfighters<BR>"For Honor and Light"<BR>"Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em" William Shakespeare</p><i></i>

Re: To Battle a God - Part 1

Postby WienMT » Mon Apr 15, 2002 8:37 am

Simply wonderful story Akaver. I thoroughly enjoyed reading. <p><b> Wien Arrowsmith - Pathfinder of Tunare<br><i>Mystical Lightfighters</b><p> - Rangers dont get lost... they take the scenic route.<br> - He is one of them rangers... Dangerous folk they be.<br></p><i></i>

Re: To Battle a God - Part 1

Postby FafnerMorell » Mon Apr 15, 2002 9:11 am

Great story Akavar! Boy, I love when folks include me in stories, I always come across more heroicly roleplayed than I do in the real game, where it's more of "Got a rat on me. Going to die. Don't train SS." <grin>).<br><br>/ooc It was great grouping w/ you in PoH - that place was incrediable. I still can't believe the BP I got. We gotta go back soon and get stuff for everone.<br><br>Write more! Write more!<br> <p>"Sad is the man who doesn't know about the unseen forces in the universe."<BR>-- Joseph Campell</p><i></i>

Re: To Battle a God - Part 1

Postby Jeolg » Mon Apr 15, 2002 10:59 am

wonderful story ..keep it coming. <p><img src=""></img></p><i></i>

Re: To Battle a God - Part 1

Postby Katta Karkainen » Mon Apr 15, 2002 2:03 pm

Wonderful story Akaver.<br><br>Makes me want to level that much faster to join in the next foray into the Halls of Innoruuk! <p><A HREF = "">Thurbrannd</A><BR>40th Up and Coming Ranger<BR><A HREF = "">Katta Karkainen</A><BR>Sleeping Snow Witch of 40 Winters<BR><p align="center"><ahref=""target="_blank"><imgsrc=""border="0" width="330" height="175"></a><br></p><i></i>
Katta Karkainen

Re: To Battle a God - Part 1

Postby Threndor1 » Mon Apr 15, 2002 6:32 pm

Woot! another writer in the fold! Nice start Akaver, I eagerly await your further instalments. Sure is fun covering 5-8 groups with only two chanters, you did an excellent job and made my life a ton easier during the raid, thank you very much for joining up! <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src= ALT=":)"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END--> <p>Threndor Zemporium, 54 Illusionist<BR>Mystical Lightfighters, Morell-Thule<BR>Jewel Craft (250), Smithing (200), Tailoring (165), Brewing (200), Baking (153), Pottery (155), Fletching (200)<BR></p><i></i>

Re: To Battle a God - Part 1

Postby Ravarg » Thu Apr 18, 2002 1:44 pm

Wow. That's all I gotta say. you've already written more. Off to read it. <p><div align="left"><a href="" target="blank">Ravarg Hunterhawk</a><br>General of War - Mystical Lightfighters<br>Proud Wanderer of Tunare<br><br><p><a href=" " target="blank">Jakery</a><br>Monk of the 38th Season<br></div></p><i></i>

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