To Battle a God - Final chapter

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To Battle a God - Final chapter

Postby Akaver » Tue Apr 16, 2002 1:05 pm

"FORM RANKS!"<br>The call rang out and we sprang to action. Our scouts had spotted some of Innoruk's minions nearby and were attempting to harass them into a chase to our location. My blood pounded as I waited, remembering the rat that had so viciously attacked us earlier. Too soon I saw one of the scouts running back with a huge host of undead at his heels. Grim specters and horrible animated corpse all grinning with malice at the prospect of fresh blood on which they could feast.<br>"ATTACK!" our war leader cried, and with a shout that surely shook the very foundations of Innoruk's Plane we gave battle to the evil before us.<br> The fight raged in every direction. I could sense powerful magic being hurled about both from our side and from the legions of the Evil One. Our wizards called down ice and fire to smite the undead and yet for every creature we slew it seemed two more took it's place. One of the Paladins of Mar was struck with a spell that caused his body to decay before our eyes, some horrible petulant curse destroying his tissue in mere seconds. Our druids and clerics used their healing magic as best they could to stem the tide of destruction that threatened to overwhelm us.<br> For my part, I did my best to maintain the enchantments I had placed upon our fighters, and felt the fatigue from the effort drain my stamina. We were slowing thining their forces but at great cost. Many lay slain our dying and our spell-weavers were nearing exhaustion. As I began to hope that we would win this skirmish a huge form took shape at the rear of the enemy's lines. It seemed as if the oppressive air of the Plane of Hate itself took form and coalesced into a living being. A huge shambling mass of blackness it was, swift and powerful. The ranks of the undead parted to allow it passage and it moved instantly to engage us. It was a Golem, I knew instantly. Formed from the pure hatred and spite of Innoruk to destroy those foolish enough to enter his realm. <br> A human female warrior leaped to attack it. I had watched her easily dispatch zombie after zombie with ease during the battle. Yet here she was clearly overmatched. Her sword splintered against the Golem's hide and it delivered a blinding backhanded blow that rang out like a thunderbolt, crushing her beautiful face. A halfling rogue attempted to pierce it from behind but it's hide was like granite and every blade turned from it's surface. The creature cut a swathe through the center of our forces while the undead mass behind it howled in infernal glee. Then I felt great magic being wielded and saw the wizard who had helped us enter the Plane casting a spell. A roaring ball of white hot flame screamed from his fingertips straight at the Golem. Exploding as it struck I felt a wave of searing heat and prayed to Tunare that the creature had been consumed in those flames. But as the fire died down the creature strode forth unscathed. I ran forward to get close enough to cast a spell to attempt to unravel it's magical defenses. Perhaps subtlety could serve were brute force had failed. As my spell struck home I could feel some of the magic investing the Golem dissipate. Its soulless burning eyes turned toward me and it marched forward to quench the life from any being with the audacity to assault it in such a manner. Flinging aside the warriors between us like cobwebs, it swung one boulder-like fist and I dove to my left seeking to escape the blow. But it glanced off my side as I moved and spun me to the ground driving the wind from my lungs. I gasped in pain as I felt my ribs splinter from the force of the attack. Attempting to roll away I felt my motion stop and looking behind I saw that the Golem had stepped upon my robes halting my escape. It raised its fists above it's head. Hands clenched together for a blow that would split me in twain.<br> Suddenly, a green mist flowed out from behind me. Snake like tendrils of smoke wrapped around the Golem's hands and arms twisting and constricting it. Turning my head I saw Fafner chanting while his staff emitted more of the green smoke that had spared me from the Golem's wrath. It's mouth opened in a silent roar of pure rage as it sought to free itself from Fafner's spell. At this Fafner's chant changed in tempo and intensity and a wave of energy flowed out from him and entered the Golem's mouth. The thing staggered backward and fell to the ground writhing. Our remaining warriors fell on it at once. Bludgeoning the creature's limbs and torso with hammer and mace. Where swords and daggers had simply turned away the crushing blows delivered now seemed to sap the Golem's strength and it's struggles grew more desperate. Finally, the fell monster ceased it's movement and the glow departed it's eyes. The ghouls and tortured animations who had previously exulted at its rampage ran then after seeing one of Innoruk's mighty creations so dispatched.<br> Meldru was by my side then, "Relax Akaver, try to breathe."<br>He quickly cast a spell of healing and I felt my muscles and bones knit together and reform. The pain in my side lessened and I was able to stand again.<br> Fafner had strode forward toward the remains of the Golem, which had begun to crack and splinter. Taking a hunting knife from his belt he began to pry at the chest of the animation. After much effort he succeeded in widening a crack in the things abdomen enough to admit his fingers. Reaching forth, I saw him take hold of the creature's skin and bunch his shoulders pulling with all his might. With a loud crack an enormous piece of the things body broke off and Fafner fell backward in triumph. He calmly stood up and took his trophy with him as he sat down next to Meldru and I.<br> "I shall take this back to my people." He stated. "Our artisans can use it to repair my uncle's breastplate and perhaps imbue it with some newfound strength as well."<br><br> The force we had faced was but a tenth of the strength of Innoruk's defenses and we knew that our mission could not continue. After seeing to our wounded we began the preparations to return to Norrath. The God of Hate had not been vanquished, but we had dealt him a severe blow that he would not soon forget. With the knowledge we had gained this day we could plan future attacks that would one day cleanse the realms of the blight of this dark God. And Tunare willing, I would be there to witness that day.<br><br>The End<br><br>/ooc Sorry it took me so long to finish this story up guys. I knew I wanted to work in a bit about how Fafner got his new breastplate, but it took a little longer than I thought it would. We surely rocked the Plane of Hate and I can't wait to do it again. Way to go MLF! <p></p><i></i>

Re: To Battle a God - Final chapter

Postby FafnerMorell » Tue Apr 16, 2002 1:17 pm

Great story! A real pleasure to read, and full of excitement. Can't wait to see what you write about the upcoming Kael and/or Vox raids! Woot!<br> <p>"Sad is the man who doesn't know about the unseen forces in the universe."<BR>-- Joseph Campell</p><i></i>

Re: To Battle a God - Final chapter

Postby WienMT » Tue Apr 16, 2002 1:18 pm

All I can say is that was a fantastic tale. Very fun to read. Great job Akaver.<br> <p><b> Wien Arrowsmith - Pathfinder of Tunare<br><i>Mystical Lightfighters</b><p> - Rangers dont get lost... they take the scenic route.<br> - He is one of them rangers... Dangerous folk they be.<br></p><i></i>

Re: To Battle a God - Final chapter

Postby Ravarg » Thu Apr 18, 2002 1:59 pm

Very nice job. I had heard about the story in game and wanted to read it. Glad I took the time. Well writen buds. A pleasure to read. <p><div align="left"><a href="" target="blank">Ravarg Hunterhawk</a><br>General of War - Mystical Lightfighters<br>Proud Wanderer of Tunare<br><br><p><a href=" " target="blank">Jakery</a><br>Monk of the 38th Season<br></div></p><i></i>

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