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Postby Sidara » Mon Oct 22, 2007 10:08 am

[x] Recieve "Shard of Mana" for arcstone access

[x]Speak with AO the Fourthborn
[x] Skylance 1: The Library
[x] Skylance 2: The Obuliette
[X] Skylance 3: The Laboratory
[x] Recieve Tarnished Chime for Completing the Arc

[x] Turn Tarnished Chime into Ao the Fourth Born and receive Harmonic Chime
[x] Turn Harmonic Chime to Arch Mage Galsin and recieve Silent Harmonic Chime

[x] Enter Devestation

[x] Hand Oathmir Silent Harmonic Chime and recieve Twisted Chime

[X] Rage 1: Saga Skins (this is one of two ways to access the 70 spell)


[x] Rage 2: Become the Vessel

[x] Turn Twisted Chime into Arch Mage Galsin and receive Twisted Chime

[x] Ro 1: The Key to the Past
[x] Ro 2: Burning Princes
[x] Ro 3: Message from the Past (Receive 70 aura Spell/Trap)

[x] Turn Twisted Chime into Queen Tak'Yaliz and recieve Twisted Harmonic Chime
[x] Turn Twisted Harmonic Chime into Arch Mage Galsin and recieve Twisted Harmonic Chime (diff ID) and AA Harmonic

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