Standardized Focus effects

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Standardized Focus effects

Postby Euan » Fri May 09, 2008 1:39 pm

Useful information for upgrade planning. Commentary is tailored to mages, but the information should be helpful to all classes.

Quoted from

Focus effects became standardized in SoF, and presumably, will remain this way going forward. What this means is, a slot will (almost always) have one focus effect assigned to it, and ONLY one focus effect assigned to it- for instance, from SoF forward, sleeves- and ONLY sleeves- have fire focus effects. You will not be able to find the focus on any other slot.*

Slots in italics have no focus effect that is useful to mages. In the case of the range slot, the focus is not useful for mages, but there is a defensive mod on some range items as a combo-effect, and that's marginally useful for mages. If you're wondering how to change one of these slots to something useful for mages, refer back to what is stated above- in other words, you can't, period. Sorry.

Arms: Fire focus
Feet: Beneficial Haste
Head: Magic focus
Gloves: Cold focus
Wrist: Poison/Disease/Chromatic**
Range: Corruption (focus effect) and Improved Dodge (defensive mod)***
Legs: Detrimental Haste
Ear: Detrimental Duration OR Pet Focus Effects (Servant of Chaos, Spire Servant, Enhanced Minion II-IV)
Back: Beneficial Duration
Shoulders: Detrimental Mana Preservation
Fingers: Beneficial Mana Preservation OR Beneficial Range
Face: Detrimental Range
Neck: Heal Focus

*The only exception to this, other than any exceptions specifically noted above, is the Fabled PoP gear, which retains the original PoP focus effect the now-Fabled piece of gear had.

**You can toggle wrists between the three listed focus effects with a Bracer Tuneforge Contrivance from Automated Vending Unit II in Dragonscale Hills; none of the available focus effects are useful for mages.

***There is one odd exception to this, a range item from Crystallos with the pet focus effect Servitor of Scale.
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