Non-Raider Status (for F&F applicants)

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Non-Raider Status (for F&F applicants)

Postby Leiph » Fri Jan 16, 2009 11:18 am

During times when recruiting is otherwise generally closed, we will still be accepting applications for initiate status from applicants who want to apply under our "Friends & Family" policy as a "non-raider." What that means is that, if an application from an F&F applicant is approved by the officers, then the applicant would be admitted as an initiate with the understanding that the applicant will not be joining or participating in any of our raids, regardless of whether there is room in the raid.

The initiate would be voted on for full-member status 4 weeks after they are tagged and would obviously not need to satisfy our minimum DKP threshhold for the vote to be commenced. If approved for full-member status by the vote of the membership, the initiate would continue to be a non-raider as a full member, and would still not be eligible to participate in raids.

If a non-raider member desires to subsequently change their status and be allowed to attend raids, they may do so only if (1) recruiting for their class has been opened, and (2) they notify the officers of their request. The officers will then make a determination as to whether to allow the change, based on the circumstances at the time.
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