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rogue 1.5

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I am looking for some help on the rogue 1.5 final fight. I need 13 people in the instanced zone of plane of hate to finish this up. Too bad I just can't take my merc, Delone, there and pay them a visit. Getting the rogue epics are a good increase in dps, and their clicky stacks with Pinpoint Vitals (which is already an 8% dps increase in rogue bs). I am betting it will just be easier to ask in guild for a few groups, so I may try that this Saturday afternoon.

Here is the rundown:

Go to the Oasis of Marr and find A Wayward Kiraikuei.

You say, 'Hail, a wayward kiraikuei'

a wayward kiraikuei says 'I will scour this desert until the one with the orb arrives. Leave me to my wandering, weakling!'

Give it the Pulsating Blue Metal Sphere.

The sky crackles with electricity as ominous russet clouds gather overhead, forming a churning funnel above the tower. A feeling of pure hatred washes over you. Innoruuk's Realm is now available to you.

The realm is a 36-character instanced zone, and everyone in the raid must have the Gates of Discord expansion. You have 20 minutes to enter the zone, and it only lasts 60 minutes after zone-in. Whilst you can get the expedition with as few as 10 people, it seems that you need to have at least 18 present in Oasis zone (This is confirmed to be 13) in order to get the script to work.

Enter the instance via a zone-in atop the spectre tower in the middle of the lake in the Oasis of Marr. The ladder is invisible, climb it from the north side (facing south).

You have entered Innoruuk's Realm.
Innoruuk shouts, 'What? Once again I have been called away to the mortal realm!'
Innoruuk shouts, 'No. It is . . . someone else.'
Innoruuk shouts, 'Stay out of sight, and ignore any mortal fools that deign to trespass here. Remember, they are beneath us and not worthy of our attention.'

After clearing the 15-20 hate type mobs a level 70 Teir`Dal guardian spawns near a throne at the top of a set of stairs (I know this part makes you shiver in your boots).

a Teir`Dal guardian scowls at you, ready to attack -- looks like quite a gamble.

(This part definitely needs your 13 in zone, or you need to run around and do your collection for your ball again)

You say, 'Hail, a Teir`Dal guardian'

The Teir`dal looks away, pretending not to notice you. However, beneath her facade of indifference you sense that she is suppressing unbridled anger. Perhaps you could taunt her into attacking by saying the right things. . .

Do NOT say "Stanos" or she will poof and you will need to get another Pulsating Blue Metal Sphere.

You say, 'Tunare'

an embodiment of hatred glares at you angrily, 'Keep using your tongue like that and I will do you the pleasure of removing it.'
an embodiment of hatred scowls at you, ready to attack -- looks like quite a gamble.

You say, 'Firiona'

a child of hatred says 'WHAT did you say!? You dare bring up the name of that tart in my presence?'
a child of hatred scowls at you, ready to attack -- looks like quite a gamble.

You say, 'Kithicor'

The Child of Hate says 'Never speak those words again.'
The Child of Hate scowls at you, ready to attack -- looks like quite a gamble.

You say, 'Laarthik'

Lanys T`Vyl says 'Innoruuk forgive me! I refuse to suffer these fool's arrogance any longer!'
Lanys T`Vyl says 'The finest Teir`dal male that has ever existed. You sully his name by even thinking it.'

It attacks. It flurries for 1k, is not slowable, has approximately 500k hps, procs an AE for 2k every 30 seconds with knockback/cancel magic and a 100dd every 30 seconds (need names of both procs). Alternates between two emotes (need emotes), one of which makes her nearly immune to melee, and the other of which makes her nearly immune to spells. Loot a Stack of Pages, which identifies as "Torn from the Book of Souls," and the Soulstone of Lanys, which identifies as "Fragment of the soul of Lanys T`Vyl." A chest may spawn with additional loot.
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