Policy Change Notice - Reserved Items

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Policy Change Notice - Reserved Items

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The following is policy has been added for the sole purpose of helping the guild progress through content at the pace we achieved in 2009. I have deleted the old post and locked this one. It will be stickied and modified as items are taken off and/or added to the "reserved items" list.

We will be reserving a very short list of items for specific classes as explained below.

Loot – Reserved Items (Special Consideration)

Starting with Anniversary Raids and Underfoot (UF) content there will be a finite number of items that will be “reserved”. As new content becomes available, we will modify the “reserved” list as needed.
The quantity of reserved items will be based on the total number of that class that has a 50% or better raid attendance over a 60-day period (as shown on the roster in the “epic # column). After the quantity is reached it will be opened up to all other classes able to use that item.

For example, the following Warriors would be eligible for a reserved item (i.e. “reserved quantity set to five (5)):
  • Lacorx
On any reserved item you bid on, you will pay a minimum of 200 DKP, even if there is only one bid. While the minimum bid is 200, our Vicary style of bidding still applies. If no one bids at least 200 DKP, the item is opened up to everyone (with no minimum), and it no longer gets “reserved” status on future drops.

If you don't have the DKP needed to come up with the minimum bid for a reserve item, you can deficit spend, but only up to the minimum bid amount. For example, if warrior A only has 150 DKP, and wants the warrior anger mask, he can bid 200 DKP, but nothing more than 200 DKP. Ties will be broken as per usual (whoever has the higher actual DKP balance - you don't get credit in a tie for the deficit DKP we're allowing you to spend).

Reserved Item List
  • Unneksteel Sword – Anniversary Event – Warriors Only – Agro Purposes
    Unneksteel Dagger – Anniversary Event – Rogues Only – DPS Purposes
    Chitin-Joint Bow – The Unburrowing – Rangers Only – DPS Purposes
    Firefang – Masked Invaders Event – Rogues Only – DPS Purposes

DPS weapons, with no aggro proc (chaotic strike), in Anniversary Raid and UF T6 – warriors can bid on these weapons, but they will be limited to a 150 DKP bid until the cap is removed by the WC. DPS weapons in Tower will still be open to warriors.

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