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Yeah, it's real. The older age and way too busy life has been reminding me of the old days of raiding and leveling all day, and well into the early mornings.
"I remember when..."
Hope people are doing well. And still having at least a small amount of fun out there
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Re: Nostalgia

Post by Porck »

As a great man once said... "That bullshit is bullshit." Another said "I hope you die lunger!".

Another said WTH happened to BD with those brushfires bearing down his house in Colorado so many years ago when he went radio silent?
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Re: Nostalgia

Post by Pherawk »

Good to hear from you guys. I guess a few of us are still around a bit. Happy New Year!
"In today's content, HP doesn't mean anything, it's your AC that marks your progression as HP will always be there (you can't get upgrade without HP, but you can get upgrade without AC... the later being the bad choice)." - Yoda on TSW about warrior AC.
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