Damn thats funny

Those who can do, those who can't strap it on

2 + 2 = Jello

Syl that you?

I'm getting a complex

No one believes me when I say he is trouble

He's not innocent

Newest SK AA

Amen Brother

We get some strange commands on raids


Euan needs a kleenex

Locker Room Talk


Our GoW...the deliverer

Culled isn't good right?

Former QoTM

I think he is talking to you

Chitz now pimps out his hits

Wow you even pissed off the Gods


I new he was crooked

Well you can't defend him

This one didn't take off like I expected

What Officers really do

Former QoTM

Can you feel the love?

Must remember it is just a game.

Cruel CotH Message

Our First AA Meeting

We Miss You


Read Closely

In Where?

It's all about her

You obviously miss us too

Yes... he is a tit


Magic Pants

Come on guys not in public

Team Player

Self Explanitory


The American Education System

On the fifth day look to the east

No Comment

Blue Pills

Now this is talking to yourself

I can never again be scolded for /gu comments!

Same caption as above!

I am try hard not to make a comment about Pussys

ummm... WOOT!

Only Toag

Sassy tonight


Cybering = good

Told you i wasn't a bad tank

You would know Chitz

I can actually picture this

Gotta lub the Chanters

Connecting on a mental level

Former Quote of the month

I knew they were good for something

Anything to get people to read the boards

I would like to see the hot key for this

Exhibit A of Repsycho vs Non-Board Readers

Repsycho thinks he is upper management

Our lovely Ambasador

... you have to love her

At least she knows she talks a lot

Domi has his priorities straight

Don't we all skipper

At least i was nice about it

Hands up ladies

/sigh ... i love you Lala

... and thank Liam for the pic

Hindsight is 20/20

Can anyone say Necro Lovin' ?

Kip can say it!!


Remember V.. i is ubah


Everything is so sexual with V

But sometimes she is just ... odd

I just do what i am told

Even on alts it is important to keep my reputation

Nice excuse

I think he meant Aeri *ducks*

Woot....medical wonders

Always remember that you never know how people will interpret your meaning over the internet

Sorry I had to

Nice to see the Pally Hater get some attitude

I didn't read this in the raid rules

So stop spaming us then dumbass

Don't we have level requirements?

The Pally Hater shows his ...ummm... colors

No one told Ailbe not to talk to Issy

Poor Issy

Rough night Issy?

We might be rubbing off on the Troll

Is this some kind of code?

Is this what an intellegence of 255 gets you?


I never knew :)

Euan is always the devils advocate

I had enough of the uber Shammy

Women are so demanding

I have no idea what it means but if Aaylia said it, it can't be good

Always thinking V

Just vote NO

Even i have a bad day

A toon quoting a toon

Don't worry she lived

Isn't it though

Once again.. can you feel the love?


Are you picturing this?

I think i saw this movie

Might as well get it out of the way early

Did you really want the ring that bad Liam?