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Message from the Admin

...but i'll flash you some skin just the same.

Yeah I'm back. Due to public outcry is back in business. For returnees all your favorites are still here so go and enjoy them. For the newcomers take a tour around and be entralled by my comdeic genious, astounding lack of tact and morals and of course my lack of spell check. I hope you all enjoy the fruit of my labours, and if you don't, then you can enjoy my middle finger.

MLF Look Alikes

The results of the survey are in. Check out who people think you really are.

The Mysterious TM

I never did find out who "TM" is. Don't even know if they are still in guild, but here is the skin i promised!

Tseeth's Top Ten

How can we ever forget the joy that is brought from making fun of your friends. While i agree self decrication is the funniest form of humour, nothing compares to making fun of someone you care about and making your friends pee their pants.


An oldie but a goodie. Just pretend i haven't used it before, but for all you new folks, feel free to diddle yourself over the excitment of a new expansion.

Don't let this happen to you!!
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