This is the story of Tseath. The level 1 Necro who just wanted to be somebody. Tseath was tired of just being a gimp and accepted the assignment of scouting out TM for the named Vamp. His story begins in Neriak.

Hi! I am Tseath the level one Necro.I have just taken the job of going to Teneberous Mountains to scout for some named Vampire. The only catch is, I have to get there myself! So I decided to ask my old friend Captain N'Farre all about the world out there.

Captain N'Farre had tons of stories to tell me about all the other Dark Elves who had gone out into Norrath to make a name for themselves.

There was Vhaelrun the rogue. She didn't really do anything all that exciting from what I could tell. /shrug

There was Aeriani the greatest Wizard to come out to Neriak...I had never heard of her.

The Captain also said he had drinks once with the Great Toag. The Captain couldn't figure out why he was called the Great Toag though. He said the sex wasn't that good.

So off I ran to begin my journey. Careful not to run into any monsters!

Avoiding all the evil Fire Beetles, I made my way to East to avoid the moss snakes!!

With all my efforts to avoid the evil monsters I still could not avoid the wolves!!!! Could the stories be true?? Could it be an evil Ranger in disguise? Or one of those nasty Druids? I did the only thing I could. I put my head down and ran like a cleric who was lom!


With the speed of a soloing Warrior I made it to safety. Only to be thrown into danger once again! I had entered Freeport! /gasp .. or as we call it in the Foreign Quarter.... Whities House

Next (after evading all the killer snakes) I found the magical book everyone talks about. Why the hell isn't there one of these in Neriak! Probably a white thing.

And I had made it to the Planes. I have no idea what the Planes are or where they are but it cost me $35 canadian so your damn sure I am visiting every chance I get! A fine man told me to find the Kitty world and go there, that would be the next stop on my trip! Great I said .. I love pussies!

I was so excited when I saw it! I can't wait for the cat nip

  Here Kitty Kitty. These guys look like they could help me!

Unfortunately the Kitty City just smelled like poo.... fast forward to the Moor

I am soo close now.. i can feel it! All i have to do is avoid the beasties!.. oops


Apparently 19 hitpoints isn't enough to out run a rockhopper... but don't worry .. i will be back. Even if it takes me as long as it take Toag to get his epic!